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Jets Postgame Quotes

New York Jets players comment on their 31-14 loss to the New England Patriots at Gillette Stadium on Sunday, November 22, 2009.

Brandon Moore, Guard
(On the interception return for a touchdown in first quarter)

"It's just a touchdown and we still felt like we were still in it. But when you spot them a touchdown it doesn't do you any good."

(On how they keep Mark Sanchez up after a tough loss)

"I'm just trying to keep myself up. We're losing games. He's got a coach that will help him with that situation. He should be able to bounce back from that, he's still a rookie."

(On where the Jets go from here)

"We've got to try and win a game. That's what we were trying to do here today. It's pretty simple. We just can't turn the ball over. We've given up more touchdowns on turnovers than I have ever seen."

Bart Scott, Linebacker(On the emotional level of team)

"They're a great team and they made a lot of adjustments. We came out and got a three and out and tried to seize some momentum, but then our second possession they got the turnover and from there on out, they did a great job of executing and moving the ball. We were kind of on our heels, but then we dialed up some pressure and were able to get to [Tom Brady]."

(On whether the return of Welker was the difference between this game and Week 2)

"Not at all. They made adjustments. If I hit you with a left all the time, eventually you are going to protect yourself from my left. They made adjustments to what we were doing and they schemed it up and protected against some of our blitzes. We played more coverage early and then once we dialed up the pressure we started to get to him [Brady] and we were able to hit him."

(On state of team after the loss)

"We are a desperate football team now. Our backs are against the wall right now. There is no magic remedy. The only way out of a hole is to dig your way out. We have to keep playing and trust and believe in the scheme. You have to study harder and try and do everything a little better and hopefully it's enough to win."

Damien Woody, Tackle
(On the loss)

"It was a very tough loss. Anytime you turn the ball over to a very good football team you really don't have a chance to win the football game. We have to learn to control the ball and play keep away from the other team."

(On moving on from today's game)

"We have to take it one game at a time. That has to be our motto from here on out. Just take it one game at a time. It's all about getting one win starting with Carolina next week. That's where all of our focus has to be, on Carolina."

Tony Richardson, Fullback
(On the loss)

"I was pretty disappointed. We didn't play very well today as a team. So we are all disappointed but we have to get back to work tomorrow."

(On Mark Sanchez's performance)

"I just tell him to pick his head up and keep playing football because obviously he is very talented and can help this football team win. I'll let the coaches coach and I'll just play. We are going to follow him 100 percent because he is the leader of this football team. When we watch the film, all of us could have done something to help win this ballgame. Obviously it's not just him, it falls on the entire offense."

Eric Smith, Safety
(On the defensive play)

"We have the mindset on defense, no matter whether it is an interception, no matter whether we get the ball or they get the ball on our five, we are going to hold them. We don't want them to score at all. That is our mentality going into it. We realize that there are going to be mess-ups along the way. We are not asking the offense to play a flawless game and they are not asking us to. We are asking to give everything and to be in a position that you don't make mental errors. When we make errors and miss tackles, we are not going to win the game. I am pretty sure when we look at the films tomorrow, we'll see a lot of missed tackles and errors. A team like the Patriots will capitalize on that. "

Drew Coleman, Cornerback
(On Wes Welker)

"We knew he was very good at changing directions going in and out of breaks. We knew that he was going to get his grabs and he very seldom misses. We came out the second half we knew we had to change up and just get after him. "

(On the Patriots game plan)

"It didn't catch us off guard. Our main goal is to protect the pass. We just have to be able to play our assignments. We knew that Welker and Moss were their top two receivers and we had to do a great job limiting them from making big plays."

Shaun Ellis, Defensive End
(On the Jets improved pass rush in the second half)

"We were just rushing them and beating our guys. It wasn't anything special. Just getting the rush on them, knowing they would be in a passing mode and having to beat our man."

(On the success of Wes Welker)

"I really don't know, they caught us on that pass to Welker and that hurt us. That was a good scheme on their part. They brought Randy Moss in motion and messed up the corners a little. Welker then got in the seam. If you look at it, Welker, that is really their offense. That is where everything is generated through. Moss, they know we are keying on him, so that frees up Welker a little bit. To me, Welker, in the game they played (today) he is the focal point. He makes a lot of tough plays for them. We knew what type of player he was but they just hit us with him."

Kerry Rhodes, Safety(On the Jets second half adjustments)

"What happened was we tightened up (on defense). We didn't change anything. We had a couple mistakes in the first half that they capitalized on. You can't have mistakes against those guys because they are going to capitalize on them. It was more of us coming out and being sound."

(On Wes Welker's success)

"Welker is a great player. [told Welker's numbers] Wow, that is pretty bad, but he is a good player. We got some calls to go to him, but he does a good job of finding the open spot and [Tom] Brady puts it right to him. It was pretty tough. They both played well today. You have got to give him (Brady) credit, he did a good job but we had some big mistakes. Every time we made a mistake he capitalized on it."

Calvin Pace, Linebacker(On the improved second half defense)

"We decided we wanted to play. We came out with a little energy (in the second half). An offense like New England, they do everything well for a reason. They do a great job of finding our team's weak points and exploiting them. In the first half we didn't do enough to impact the game."

(On Welker)

"He is a big part of their offense. I don't think his size has anything to do with it, it is his performance. He knows how to get open. The routes he runs are pretty much like run plays. All the way around we just didn't do enough. When you come into arguably the best team in the conferences house you have to start off fast and we didn't do that. We can't wait until the second half to start playing."

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