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Joejuan Williams, Chase Winovich host second annual 'Games for Good' 

Patriots teammates have fun trash talking in 'Family Feud' style charity event. 

games for good

It doesn't take a high-stakes competitive situation for Patriots players to trash talk each other. In fact, all it takes is a charity game of "Family Feud," and they are off and running.

Joejuan Williams and Chase Winovich hosted the second annual virtual "Games for Good" event, benefitting Boston Medical Center Monday night, and within minutes of the event beginning, their Patriots teammates made it clear they were out for victory and, in some cases, redemption from a poor showing last year.

"Make sure you guys buckle in, grab your popcorn, get in the zone because this is going to be intense," Winovich said before the games started. "I'm coming for the championship. I'm coming for the gold this year."

From razzing on alma maters to hyper-serious game pep talks ahead of the competition, it was a night of light-hearted fun for an important cause. Williams and Winovich were joined teammates like Devin McCourty, Deatrich Wise Jr., Josh Uche, J.J. Taylor, D'Angelo Ross, Ronnie Perkins, Jakob Johnson and Shaun Wade.

"I just want to thank you all for being here tonight ... I'm expecting a lot of laughs and a lot of fun tonight," Williams said. "Like last year, I'm expecting me to win."

All of the guests were divided into teams and Patriots players served as captains in three breakout rooms. Three teams faced off in each room before reconvening at the end of the night. Ultimately, the teams led by Wise, McCourty and Ross walked away winners in their respective rooms.

"Listen, D'Angelo Ross came into this event having lost last year in an embarrassing way," Winovich said. "He was clearly hungry. His mind was to it, and he wanted it badly."

Despite big talk from the event's hosts, neither Williams nor Winovich ended the night as a winner, a fact McCourty made sure to call out.

"Can we get new hosts?" he said, jokingly.

If Williams and Winovich have it their way, they'll be back bigger and better in game play in 2022. Ultimately, the real winner of the night was BMC. The event raised more than $120,000 before the close of the silent auction.

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