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Joey McIntyre rocks End Zone Militia attire on 'Radio Row'

New Kids on the Block's Joey McIntyre got into the Patriot spirit in Houston this week. Literally.


Those walking around "Radio Row," the famous Super Bowl designation for radio personalities, were in for a surprise on Wednesday. It's not uncommon to see celebrities and athletes roaming the Super Bowl host city. However, it is uncommon to see celebrities doing so in full blown Revolutionary War attire. 

And that's exactly what Joey McIntyre did. 

The New Kids on the Block singer took his Patriots fandom to the extreme this week when he arrived at NFL Experience in downtown Houston. With a tricorne hat, Joey didn't exactly blend in, and that was fine by him. Whether they were a fan of his music or a fan of his outfit, Joey was stopped constantly by folks asking for their photo with him, including former Patriot Mike Haynes.

"He didn't know me from Paul Revere; he just liked the outfit and that was cool. I had a feeling people would just want to take pictures of me regardless of whether they knew who the hell I was," Joey said. "The cool thing is, even though I knew it was kind of silly in a way, everyone's here for a good time and that's the idea, so I'm just coming to the party."

Though he has been busy these days touring and making new music with New Kids on the Block, as well as creating his own TV show, "Return of the Mac," Joey always manages to make time for his team. Being able to watch the team, he said, has been special

"This century has been good to Boston as far as sports are concerned, and it's great, man. It's a lot of fun, and I'm just proud of the way the team has just really done their job, you know, just like the saying goes. They set a great example as people and as athletes."

Joey wasn't able to stick around for the game on Sunday, so he'll be watching at home with friends and family. Either way, he made his impression in Houston, and next season, he's opening a spot will open up in the End Zone Militia.

"You know what it is, the end zone militia needs a lead singer, you know what I'm saying," he said with a laugh.  


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