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John Friesz Press Conf.

Foxboro Stadium, Foxborough, MAJohn Friesz speaks to the press.



            **Q:  Were you ready to come in?**  

F: Yeah, I was extremely comfortable, no excuses there. I got some work during the bye week, and with Drew (Bledsoe) having his baby on Thursday, I got all the reps there which prior to last Wednesday, I hadn't thrown a pass in a Patriot play throughout the year. I got a ton of work in the last week which definitely helped to feel comfortable out there.

Q: How would you rate your performance?

F: Extremely average, not good enough to win. Those two plays right down there on the goal line, where the ball squirts out when I'm trying to hand it off to J.R. (Redmond) and try get back and they call a penalty. Then I believe it was the next play, where I throw the interception on the 1-yard line. It is inexcusable, it is a situation that's partly why I'm supposed to be here. I'm a veteran, I'm supposed to know better and I screwed up. Throw it out of the back of the end zone and go back and go on to the next play.

Q: Were you hurt on that play?

F: No, there was some tenderness in my left knee, but other than that no it was not that, it was a poor decision.

Q: What were you thinking on the interception play?

F: A couple different things. J.R. (Redmond) is my second guy on that play. He was open to a degree for a second, he put his hand up and that enticed me to throw it in there, but those guys were closing in on it. The timing of the whole situation was poor, once the fullback didn't get through the line of scrimmage like we hoped he could, right away it should have been out of the back of the end zone and come back on second down.

Q: What is the difference between game timing and timing in practice?

F: It is quite a bit. It's quite a bit, but I anticipate that. I understand the things I'm doing in practice are not game speed, I understand that that goes back to my experience and being able to know that and anticipate that. The field was obviously slow today, so the pace was a little bit was a little closer to practice speed really then if we were on some turf or in the bubble or something like that.

Q: Did you think the Buffalo defense was going to blitz you a lot?

F: You can anticipate a lot of different things. They really didn't get away from their game plan too much, I don't think. I think that to a degree they were trying to sit back and to see if I could throw in the inclimate weather. In situations we were able to do that, we just weren't able to do it on a consistent enough basis. I threw a lot of balls that were extremely inaccurate for me. Always felt like that that was one of my strengths and it was frustrating and disappointing to see that I was not accurate today.

Q: Did you have a feeling your goalline running game would eventually succeed?

F: Yeah, in time you're going to pop a guy through. They were extremely physical. I felt that at the point of attack, we just didn't execute. Our running backs were running hard, I cringe to see again the play where I fumbled that. I'm sure it would have been good. That will make it all the more difficult to swallow.

Q: Did you think you were coming out at any point during the game?

F: Those are things that don't enter my mind. You'd have to ask (quarterbacks coach) Dick Rehbein, (offensive coordinator) Charlie Weis or coach Belichick if they talked about those things. As far as I'm concerned, once I'm out there, I'm out there until somebody tells me differently. I don't know what was addressed in that area.

Q: Do you have any reaction to the crowd's reaction toward you and toward Michael Bishop?

F: No. It is not the first time I've been booed. I understand, Michael (Bishop) is a real exciting player. I wasn't doing a lot of good things out there. Sporadically, things would happen for us. But overall, it wasn't. It didn't surprise me, it wasn't something that offended me, or bothered me or affected me or anything of that nature.

Q: Was the play you fumbled the same play that J.R. (Redmond) scored on?

F: It was the same play. We had an awful lot of goalline snaps. There were times throughout the course of a year, you might not have more than twice that amount. We were on the goalline, and used up all of our arsenal, we carry a fair amount of goalline plays and we needed every one of them today.

Q: What are your feelings on the upcoming week, and the possibility of starting?

F: I'm tremendously excited to sort of redeem myself if given the opportunity. Whether it be because Drew (Bledsoe) can't go or whatever the case. I'm excited to get back out and let everybody know that this is not how I normally play football. It is going to be difficult to sleep tonight. I can't wait until next week if I have the opportunity to play again.

Q: What happened on the interception, did you try to force it in?

F: Yeah. It was a poor decision. It was truly a one-man route to Tony Carter actually. He didn't get a great release, he was bottled up inside there, the second look is supposed to be to the tailback there, and J.R. (Redmond) flashed his hand to me and was open for a split second. It was a poor decision on my part to try to force the ball in there on first down.

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