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Johnson Bademosi's epic flop deserves an Oscar

When the Jets Robby Anderson spiked a ball out of frustration, it hit Johnson Bademosi in the helmet. Thus, the flop heard around the world was born.

It was a scene like any other. After Robby Anderson failed to complete a pass in Sunday's game, the Jet took his frustration out on the football. 

He spiked it into the ground. The football bounced and hit Johnson Bademosi square in the helmet, and then comedic brilliance happened. 

After a multi-second delay, Johnson fell to the ground. But not just any fall -- he flopped. As he tumbled to the turf, Johnson lost his jacket, feigning distress in an award-worthy scene. 

It was a majestic piece of performance that any slapstick comedian would envy. 

Haters will say it’s fake 🤕

A post shared by Johnson Bademosi 🇳🇬🇺🇸🏈 (@jbademosi29) on

Though the attempt to draw a flag came up short, it didn't stop Johnson, his teammates and people on social media from poking fun at the epic flop. In a post-game interview, WBZ's Steve Burton asked Duron Harmon about Johnson's performance, and Duron immediately started cracking up. 

Johnson jumped in the interview to defend himself, and it was gold. When Steve asked when he decided to dive to the ground, Johnson stuck to his principles.

"It's not a decision," he said, straight faced. "It just kind of happens."

Uh huh. Right. 

Johnson wasn't the only one having fun with his all-star NBA flop. His teammates watched the video on repeat in the locker room after the game, and Duron said it was the "flop of the year."

After the game, Kyle Van Noy tweeted that there was a lot to discuss, and number one on the list was Johnson. 

Though Kyle called him the "worst actor of all time," Shea McClellin was all about it. 

No matter if it was the best or worst acting moment in Johnson's career, we can all agree on one thing: it was hilarious. 

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