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Julian Edelman and Danny Amendola ball out on season finale of "Ballers"

The two wide receivers made a guest appearance in the season finale of the HBO comedy/drama on Sunday night.


Looks like Danny Amendola and Julian Edelman added another acting credit to their resume. The two wide receivers appeared in the season 2 finale of the HBO show, "Ballers" on Sunday night.  In the episode, both Danny and Julian workout with a main character, Ricky Jerret, as he navigates free agency. 

In the episode, Julian shares the story of how he made his way up to the top of the Patriots depth charts. He mentions a time he gets a call from the one and only Tom Brady in the middle of the night ordering him to make it down to Gillette Stadium for one of his catching sessions. 

After running a number of routes with Julian Ricky, who is played by Denzel Washington's son John David Washington, leaves the beach asking what Bill Belichick is offering.

This isn't the first time that Julian has appeared on the show. Back in the first season's ninth episode, he appeared in a motivational video that helped main character Charles Greane, return the field after retiring from the game.

"Ballers" has had a number of cameos from NFL players, including Ravens linebacker Terrell Suggs, Steelers wide receiver Antonio Brown and Dolphins Ndamukong Suh and with Patriots super fan Mark Wahlberg signed on as an executive producer, it's no surprise that the Patriots got some airtime.

If Ricky makes his way to New England, there will be a few more familiar faces appearing in the show. If you've got an HBOGo or HBONow account, be sure to check out Julian and Danny in action.


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