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Julian Edelman Press Conference Transcript

Patriots wide receiver Julian Edelman addresses the media during his postgame press conference at Gillette Stadium on Monday, November 25, 2013.

Q:What does this win say about the mental toughness of this team?

JE:Coach preaches to be a tough, smart football team and we weren't playing like that in the first half. We went in there and basically said let's just start over and play each play and play for the next play and not try to win it all in one play. We went out there, made some plays and we did that. We've done it a few times. We've executed situations like that and it was good to come off a short week and be able to go out there and get a win.

Q:You've been where Wes Welker was waiting for a punt and you're not going to catch it. What are your responsibilities as a punt returner to try to get everyone to get away from the football so that kind of thing doesn't happen?

JE:Scotty O [O'Brien], our special teams coordinator, puts us in the right position. We'll have a scouting report on where he's going to kick it, and as a returner we always try to get the ball and if you can't you have to yell a 'Peter' call and make sure your guys aren't there. I didn't see the play so I can't comment on it.

Q:Is that about as crazy a turnaround as you've been a part of?

JE:I've been in some crazy turnarounds. I don't know. It's the most recent one and like I said, it was good to show the mental toughness of the team. We've had to come back and drive the ball in crucial situations a few times this year and we've executed it pretty well. Even in the loss against the Panthers, you could take away from that that we had a minute and we went down the field and we were able to still have a chance to win the game. That's what you want to do: have a chance to win the game. We did that and we were able to execute it out this time.

Q:During the week there was a ton of talk about wide receivers with Wes Welker making his return. For you to be the receiver with the biggest impact with two touchdowns and your play on punt returns, is that something that crosses your mind that this is sort of your night?

JE:Well, I fumbled a punt after I muffed one, so that's not that good. I haven't even thought about it. Today, my number was called a few times and I was able to have a couple opportunities and I just try to take advantage of them. A couple games back it was KT [Kenbrell Thompkins], AD [Aaron Dobson], Danny [Amendola.] That's our job – our job is to be able to get open and catch the football and I was able to do that a few times.

Q:How much of a factor was the wind for you guys?

JE:It [had] a pretty decent effect in the kicking game, more so than the passing game. But I mean, both sides had to deal with it. I mean, we muffed one, so I'll probably get yelled at for that one, so we'll see.

Q:In the locker room you were saying one score at a time, but it's one thing to say that, and then to get that first one is really huge. Do you feel the same way?

JE:We've gone out and practiced a bunch on opening the third quarter up. We've kind of struggled with that the past few games, a couple games back. Coach has created the situation in practice where we simulate coming off of halftime and doing the third quarter stuff. I think it's been really working. That's what we did. You looked at everyone in the huddle and everyone was all business because we knew we just turned the ball over too many times in the first half and we were able to not turn the ball over and get a couple. The defense did their job, we did our job, we played complementary football, handled the punts and kickoffs. It was a good team comeback victory.

Q:How do you simulate that?

JE:You'll have to ask Coach on that. I don't want to get in trouble.

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