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Julian Edelman shares 'Calvin and Hobbes' inspired photo of him, Rob Gronkowski

Julian Edelman posted a cartoon version of him and Rob Gronkowski to celebrate #OnTo16.

The start of free agency on March 9 means the league New Year has arrived, and some of your favorite Patriots are ready for the ride.

JE11 channeled Calvin and Hobbes in a tweet to Gronk on Thursday. The cartoon shows the two buds speeding downhill in a red wagon, with Edelman taking on the role of Calvin to Gronk's modified Hobbes, complete with tiger hat.

It wouldn't be #OnTo16 without a tweet or two to commemorate the occasion, and the Patriots have consistently brought down the house with their social media.

The picture is just one of many crossovers Edelman has posted of him and his teammates. From Star Wars to Entourage, if there is a will, there is a Patriots Way. 

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  1. And with this one.
  1. October 21, 2015: Julian McFly
  1. Vince, E, Turtle and Johnny Drama
  1. California Boy and Left Shark

There is little doubt that Patriots fans would line up to catch any of these blockbusters. 

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