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Julian Edelman takes Jimmy Fallon's business advice

In a hilarious new video, Julian Edelman takes Jimmy Fallon's business advice.

When Julian Edelman visited "The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon" alongside Coach Bill Belichickafter the Super Bowl, Jimmy was quick to point out ways for Julian to monetize his miracle catch. 

"I have plans for you. You should just open up a chain of seafood restaurants called Edelman's Catch," Jimmy said. "Get out of the business now. Boston will love it." 

As it turns out, the suggestion got Julian's wheels turning. 

In a hilarious new video posted to his social media channels, Julian gets to work making "Edelman's Catch" happen. The receiver dons his best fishing waders, crunches the numbers and gets in the kitchen. The montage includes classic cooking techniques such as wiping up onion-caused tears, slapping a fish and playing catch with a lobster. 

We already know Julian's got tyme for smoothies and burgers. Add fine seafood dining to that list. 

Check out the entire video below. 


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