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Kids at Boston Children's suggest touchdown dances for Patriots

The kids at Boston Children's Hospital are offering up their dance moves (free of charge) for the Patriots to use this Sunday in a precious video.

Over the years, we've seen how the Patriots have supported the kids staying at Boston Children's Hospital, and on Thursday, those same kids showed the Patriots that, in return, they will always have their backs.

In an uplifting and fun video, kids, nurses and doctors send the Patriots well wishes ahead of the Super Bowl and even offer up their own dance moves to use during the game. With Gronk spikes, shimmies, jazz squares and the raising of the roof, it is undeniable: these kids have moves. 

The Patriots have a plethora of dances to choose from, and they'll go into Sunday knowing full well that the kids and staff at Boston Children's Hospital will be cheering them on back home. 

Catch the full video below.


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