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King James describes Gronk perfectly

The world's most dominant basketball player had some interesting comments on the world's most dominant pass-catcher.


A King met a Gronk Friday night in Boston at the TD Garden.

And the King seemed to be pretty impressed by what he saw.

Cavaliers star LeBron James led his team to a comeback victory over the Celtics and one of the many Patriots players in attendance at the game was New England tight end Rob Gronkowski.

James, a physical freak on the basketball court, came away from his meeting with Gronkowski with a pretty honest and simple reaction to the New England star.

"He's a big motherf---er, man. I can't even imagine what the DBs must be thinking when he's coming over the middle," James said, according to

James has supposedly posed the idea in the past of playing football as a tight end, but maybe his meeting with Gronkowski changed his view of what it takes to succeed in a far more physical sport where the King would no longer be the biggest, most muscular man on the court/field.

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