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Replay: Best of the Week on Radio Thu Jun 13 - 02:00 PM | Tue Jun 18 - 11:55 AM

Kirsch Kronicles - 1/27/2015

Tuesday was jam packed for the PFW crew..


Can't imagine any day coming up aside from Sunday being any more busy than Tuesday. Patriots and Seahawks Media Days, PFW in Progress radio and shooting the PFW TV show for CSNNE. It was a full slate.

Before it started I was watching some of the local Phoenix newscasts' sports segments. Naturally they were covering the Super Bowl as host city/state. They seemed pretty excited and it got me wondering how Patriots fans would be if Boston ever hosted the big game. Assuming the Patriots aren't in it, would we be ho-hum or would locals head over to NFL Experience? Just a thought. One thing for sure is that if Boston ever makes a bid no pictures taken this week will make the brochure. Hang in there everyone.

Media Day was held at the US Airways Center in Phoenix rather than at the stadium in Glendale. The smaller venue made it tougher for the crazies to stick out as it was pretty much just a blanket of humanity. There was the guy walking around wearing nothing but a barrel from some radio station. It was good to follow "Barrel Man" around because he cut his own wake through the crowd. Plus, no one really wanted to find out if he was truly wearing just a barrel and suspenders so they kept their distance.

The Patriots were first followed by the Seahawks 45 minutes later. Have to admit it, Seattle won the day in terms of fans present and noise. The 12th man showed up at Media Day. Will they win the Battle of the Stands on Sunday?

When it came to the two teams, the comparison was a lot closer. Both came across confident about what's ahead. The Patriots are always prepared and focused. We're learning the Seahawks have their way that works as well. They're also fresh off a Super Bowl with minimal turnover to their key personnel. That's a big deal. The moment will not be too large for either team.

It was good to be back on radio. So much has happened since our last show on Thursday. People were ready to talk football and not footballs. As we spoke to fans, read their emails and then discussed the game as we filmed our show, it's pretty clear this game is one that no one has a clear handle on. We all know who the Patriots and Seahawks are but when they match up this is a tough game to predict. There are so many layers to unravel. The only thing that's certain is that these are the two best teams the NFL has to offer this season. It's a shame the post AFC Championship nonsense took up so much of everyone's time but I have a feeling that by Sunday night it will all be forgotten.

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