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Kraft Family Foundation gives grant to Boston Cathedral High School's football program 

The Kraft Family Foundation grant will support the South End prep school's football program. 


When Robert Kraft bought the Patriots, he made a commitment to do good and to pour back into the community. Through his work with the Patriots Foundation and the Kraft Family Foundation, he has made good on that promise.

This week, a local football program was the recipient of that generosity.

Boston's Cathedral High School received a $50,000 grant from the Kraft Family Foundation for its football program. The grant will go towards buying new helmets, pads, uniforms, blocking sleds, a live-stream video camera system and more, according to a press release. The team plans to honor this grant at its first home game of the season.

Former Patriot draft pick Derrick Beasley is Cathedral High School's athletic director and said this grant will help their team succeed and build confidence.

"We are so grateful for this grant from the Kraft family because it will go so far in supporting our football program and the performance and safety of each of our young players," Beasley said, per the press release. "We believe athletics is a key denominator in helping our students grow and develop into successful individuals. Practicing life skills like teamwork, discipline, perseverance and good sportsmanship are central to the culture of our program. The new equipment made possible by the grant will not only help keep our players safe, but will also help to build their overall self-esteem and confidence."

Cathedral High School is a college prep school in the city's South End with students ranging from seventh to 12th grade. It is philanthropy-based, independent and STEAM-based.

President of Kraft Family Philanthropies Josh Kraft said this kind of financial support is meant to create opportunities for young people to grow into their fullest potential. With the foundation of what Cathedral High School offers students in the classroom, this grant allows student-athletes to get the most out of their experiences.

"The Kraft family has always believed in the importance of access to great educational opportunities, including athletics," he said. "Supporting Cathedral High School and its football program provides another avenue for young student athletes to have access to opportunities for success, personal growth and well-being. We are proud to provide this grant to aid in the safety and development of this program and its players."

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