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Kyle and Marissa Van Noy featured in 'Wall Street Journal' for their work flipping houses 

Kyle and Marissa Van Noy, like any NFL couple, have had their fair share of moves. In a Wall Street Journal article, the couple talks about how they started flipping houses on the side. 

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From Detroit to New England to Miami to New England again, the Van Noy family knows as well as any NFL couple how tall of a task it is to pick up, start and make a place feel like home. Kyle and Marissa Van Noy have turned this lemon that comes along with life in professional sports and turned it into lemonade.

In an article in The Wall Street Journal [WSJ], the Van Noys detail how they learned to invest in and flip homes wherever football takes them. For both, it is a way to make every house fit their style, and for Marissa in particular, it is a chance to run a successful business regardless of where Kyle's career takes them.

After missing out and renting in Detroit while watching the property value go up and up, the Van Noys vowed to not make the same mistake twice. Whether it was their NFL city or in California where Kyle trains in the offseason, they were intent on purchasing homes, fixing them up and eventually selling.

In Utah, where both went to college, Canton, Mass., and Miami, Fla., the Van Noys dove head first into flipping. Marissa took the lead in redesigning -- from major renovations to paint that better reflected their taste. What started as a project for the couple turned into a business venture for Marissa. She, her mother and sister recently launched Three Golden Cranes, a design firm.

"It's a chance for me to have a real business while Kyle is in season," Marissa told WSJ. "This way, wherever we go, we can both be successful."

As they hope to make it even more profitable, the benefit of Marissa's skills also directly impact the couple's home life. Though they have resettled in Canton, jumping from city to city over Kyle's career means picking up your life, but with Marissa's touch, it makes the transition easier.

"Marissa makes home wherever we are," Kyle said.

You can read more about the Van Noy's work flipping homes and the entire WSJ feature here.

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