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Lawrence Guy's tips for the bye and other highlights from Patriots Off Topic

Lawrence Guy told Patriots fans how they should spend the upcoming Sunday without Patriots football. 

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While the bye week is a great chance for Patriots players to get some rest, relaxation and family time in, it means fans are on their own to entertain themselves Sunday.

Fret not, Patriots Nation. Lawrence Guy is here to help. On the latest episode of Patriots Off Topic, he gave his "Guy's Tips for the Bye."

They are as follows:

If the weather is nice, get outside. "Barbecue. Go smoke some brisket. Fry a turkey. Smoke a turkey. Go out there and barbecue. If you have kids take them to the park."

If the weather isn't great, then Guy offered plenty of suggestions that would suit a weekend indoors, as well.

"Drink beer. Relax," he said. "If you have time to watch a movie, binge watch some movies. Binge watch some Netflix shows."

His suggestion? "Mindhunter."

As it turns out, Guy is also an advocate for watching bad show and movies for entertainment. "Wu Assassin" he described as "terrible" but "drew me in."

Though these are the things Guy would also want to do during the bye week, he said he'll likely end up handing the remote over to his 2-year-old daughter. It'll be all "Paw Patrol," "Sofia the First" and "Tec the Tractor," but Guy does have his favorites out of his daughter's shows.

"'Fancy Nancy' is my favorite show. She is fancy. She knows how to hold a teapot. She's great," he said.

And let it be known that he records both "Fancy Nancy" and "Peppa Pig."

You can catch all of this and more on the latest episode of Patriots Off Topic. Be sure to subscribe so you don't miss any of the action.

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