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Local student makes Tom Brady mosaic out of Rubik's cubes

It took a student nearly 1,000 Rubik's cubes to craft this portrait of Tom Brady. You don't want to miss it. 

2500x1406-rubick's cube

One Rubik's cube is a challenge. Nearly a thousand, a Westwood student found out, is art.

Maxim Lin, a fourth grader at Sheehan School, used 999 Rubik's cubes to craft a mosaic of his football hero -- Tom Brady. The massive piece of art was on display at his school's STEM festival on March 20. Max spent about three months building the mosaic.

"First, I had to find a picture. I looked through tons of pictures and I found this one because Tom Brady's head was tilted and it shows the logo so I chose this picture," Max said. "Then if you go on Google you can find some mosaic generators, and I looked through a lot of them. None of them came out perfectly so I chose one and I drew it on paper and then I made a lot of modifications to it."

As teachers, family and fellow students made their way around the festival, a near-constant crowd was stopped at Max's project. He, of course, rocked his Tom Brady jersey for the occasion.

"I feel really happy showing this to my classmates," he said.

It may have started as a school project, but the Tom Brady mosaic was also a chance for Max to mix two of his passions -- the Rubik's cube and the Patriots.

"He loves the Patriots, so he wanted to combine these two and make something amazing," his dad, Sherwin said.

And he did just that. Though it took a lot of hard work to pull this off, the hardest part, according to Max, was unwrapped the 999 Rubik's cubes.

Between the delivery, opening and assembly of the Rubik's cubes, it was a lot of work for the 10-year-old, but his mother said seeing her son set a goal and follow it through is a point of pride.

"At first, I was like 'Oh my God. There's too many,'" Max's mom, Cathy said. "I can't clean my house to be honest, but then I saw his attitude. He's persistent. It's good for kids to have that kind of attitude because no matter what he's doing in the future, if he can do this, I see his future of hard work."

You can check out Max's masterpiece at The Patriots Hall of Fame presented by Raytheon starting Sunday afternoon.

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