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Local Students Celebrate Tom Brady's Return, and It's Awesome

Two Massachusetts schools celebrated Tom Brady's return in awesome fashion.

The excitement was palpable last Sunday. Not only did the Patriots dominate the Browns to win, 33-13, but a certain quarterback made his return to football. Tom Brady's first game back lit up Patriots Nation, and no one was more thrilled to see him on the field than the younger generation of Patriots fans.

Two local schools spent last week showing their Patriots pride with videos welcoming Tom back, and it's as awesome as you might imagine.

In a video posted to the school's Facebook page, students and staff at St. John the Evangelist School in Canton, Mass., honored TB12's return with serious team spirit.

Principal Chris Flieger said the "excitement was contagious" at the school, and he is a great example for the students at St. John the Evangelist. 

"The Patriots and Tom Brady embody our motto of striving for excellence. They are continually working hard to improve and to bring out the best in themselves," he said. "They know that hard work leads to growth and that we all need to keep growing towards excellence.  Tom Brady is a great example of this - he strives for excellence and is resilient."  

Esten Elementary School in Rockland, Mass., also celebrated "Welcome Back Brady Day" last week and encouraged students to dress up in their finest Patriots gear. Principal Marilyn Smith said her students dressed up for the start of the season, and it felt right to give Tom his own day at Esten Elementary. 

"When the season started we had a Patriots day, and I noticed that a large number of our school population wearing Patriots attire had number 12 shirts on, so that was a contributing factor to our 'Welcome back Brady day,'" she said. "This day in particular we wanted to make it about Tom and show him how glad we were that he was back!"   

With their Patriots gear and enthusiasm for Tom's return, the students at both schools certainly know how to give a warm welcome. 

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