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Madden 20: Somebody please give Tom Brady a high five

"Madden NFL 20" is out, and gamers can celebrate by giving Tom Brady a high five .... or not.

For years, Madden has immortalized spins, celebrations and signature moves, and now "Madden NFL 20" has taken an iconic and hilarious Patriots moment and engraved it in video game lore.

In the latest edition of the game, it is Tom Brady's infamously snubbed high fives that are granted immortality. Yes, that's right. You can leave Tom Brady hanging on the bench.

EA's "Madden NFL 20" tweeted out a video of the interaction, and as Tom deals with the disappointment of his teammate ignoring his celebration, Julian Edelman comes in to save the day.

The high five -- or lack thereof -- was in response to another funny Twitter moment. Tom, in an attempt to boost his speed rating, shared a video making his case.

"Submitting new evidence to be considered for my @MaddenNFL speed rating. You can't photoshop a video," he tweeted.

Tom gets a countdown, and he sprints across his lawn, leaving a trail of smoke and dust in his wake. It most definitely not edited, and it is most definitely real.

It might be too late to fix Tom's speed rating for this year to accurately reflect his blazing fast new pace, but at least players can celebrate appropriately.

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