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Martellus Bennett brings active imagination, creative endeavors to New England

Martellus Bennett is bringing more than his football skills to New England.

New Patriot Martellus Bennett is many things: a family man, a football player, a child at heart. From cartoons to stuffed animals, the 29-year-old's Instagram is a peek inside of his mind.

Hug thy Neighbor Totoro. @kylelamere

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With colorful quotes about trying "to be a dandelion," it is clear Martellus is a character. And the tight end has even spent time developing characters of his own.

Martellus has used his career as a professional football player as a platform for his creative initiatives.

The new Patriot has channeled his imagination into a short film called "Zoovie: A Warm and Fuzzy Tale," which was released in August 2015. The animated short follows a penguin named Cosmo and stars singer Asher Roth and journalist Cari Champion.

Ideas are the new currency. I write everything on anything. @kylelamere

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Martellus has teased other productions – books and movies – on his Instagram, showing snippets of animation and a dedication to his wife and daughter. He even gave a Tedx Talk on March 5 called "More Than an Athlete" regarding his creative passions.

In an interview with David LaRoche, a motivational speaker from France, Martellus said he believes inspiration comes from what you take in and appreciate at a basic level. 

"If I see Tim Burton, there's something about him that I feel like I have inside of me but how do I bring that out of myself. I do believe that you do that," he said. "A lot of the people that influence you are already a part of your DNA. Some of the stuff I create might look like something Tim Burton would do, but I grew up watching Tim Burton and I loved him so much that it's just a part of me."

With Martellus bringing his colorful personality, the team is getting another playful tight end to complement Gronk.

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