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Martellus Bennett nails job interview on 'Garbage Time'

Martellus Bennett must pass the "Garbage Time" job interview before he can be fully welcomed as a Patriot. Check out how he did on Katie Nolan's show.

Martellus Bennett.Photo from "Garbage Time."
Martellus Bennett.Photo from "Garbage Time."

Martellus Bennett's arrival in New England has been a celebrated one. From bonding with teammate Rob Gronkowski to high praise from Coach Bill Belichick about the state of his group of tight ends, Patriots Nation is anxiously waiting for the new guy taking some snaps.

Despite this, Martellus had one last person to impress: Katie Nolan.

The host of "Garbage Time" and unabashed Patriots fan brought Martellus in for a job interview to prove that he was worthy of joining the team, and let's just say she was not disappointed.

With photos of Bill Belichick on the walls and plays drawn up on a white board, Martellus walks in wearing his signature tan hat and tosses his resume to Katie like a Frisbee. What follows is a series of standard interview questions answered in a way only Martellus could.

How would former coworkers describe you? Adjectives listed in alphabetical order.

References? Steve Jobs, his brother and Seahawk Michael Bennett and, uh, Peter Pan.

"Not the Peter Pan from the book. My best friend Peter Pan from my childhood," Martellus said.

"What do you think Peter Pan will say about you when I contact him," Katie asked.

"That I'm magical and that once I was a lost boy, but now I am a man," Martellus said without skipping a beat.

"Striking similarities to that Peter Pan from the book," Katie said, taking notes.

What's your greatest weakness? Quirkiness, which can be mistaken for kindness.

"It's just quirkiness. I don't know if quirkiness is kind. I don't know if quirkiness is mean," he said. "I don't know if quirkiness has emotion. It's just a way of being."

Martellus, Katie and an assistant honored the meta-moment with a round of snaps.

After running through a list of his off-the-field ventures, Katie notes that he seems to be a very busy man. "Not too busy to win a championship, though," Martellus said.

"That's the attitude we like here," Katie said.

Yes, yes it is.

Catch the whole quirky interview here.


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