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Matt Judon takes on unofficial recruiting role during NFL free agency

The linebacker is hard at work helping woo players into coming to the Patriots.

Matt Judon

The Patriots haven't made quite the same splash compared to last year's free agency, but not for lack of trying by Matt Judon thus far.

New England made NFL history with its spending spree to acquire free agents during the 2021 offseason, and Judon was one of them, signing a four-year, $56 million contract last year.

But instead of being recruited this time around, he's the one doing the recruiting. Kind of.

"I got a bag of hot Cheetos or the regular ones and a dub for whoever sign to the Patriots," Judon tweeted Monday, which marked the opening of the free agency window.

Throughout much of the day Judon was shooting his shot to free agents, tagging them on Twitter to ask what they're doing or if they'll give him a call.

It led to some fun exchanges with a few NFL beat reporters, but no free-agent signings as of Monday night.

"This recruiting stuff is hard work," Judon admitted Monday evening.

That didn't stop him from getting back to work Tuesday.

"Back to work. Who we want today #PatsNation," he asked his followers.

"If I was a Gm cap a 0 every year. And y'all gassing me up."

Hopefully, Judon's efforts pay off and a few new players secure the bags of Cheetos waiting for them upon arrival at Gillette Stadium.

Either way, the extra offseason work is appreciated.

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