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Meet Julian Edelman's dopplegangers

With Julian Edelman's football skills, witty repartee and unique sense of style, there's no denying that he's one of a kind. But it seems the Patriots wide receiver has quite a few doppelgängers.

The Hall at Patriot Place recently searched far and wide – er, on Facebook – to find people who resemble JE11 in a look-a-like contest. While a winner has already been selected, don't worry if you think you're a dead ringer for Julian; you haven't missed your chance to show the world. This Saturday, February 20, the Hall is continuing its search with an in-person judging. The winner will get a meet and greet with the real Julian Edelman.

While you get ready to strike your best JE11 pose, take a look at some of our favorite submissions from the Facebook contest below.


Facebook contest winner:


For more information on Saturday's Julian Edelman Look-A-Like Contest, see the Hall at Patriot Place website

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