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New England Patriots Postgame Quotes 9/22

Patriots Head Coach Bill Belichick, Quarterback Tom Brady and select players comment on their 30-14 win over the New York Jets at Gillette Stadium on Sunday, September 22, 2019.


Postgame Press Conference
Sunday, September 22, 2019

BB: OK, well, it's always good to win in the division. That was a good win for our team. I thought we did a lot of good things out there today. Obviously, there's some mistakes we made, things we need to improve on so we'll work on that and just get ready to grind it out here and head up to Buffalo. I thought we played competitively. We've just got to do a few things better and that'll help us a lot. So, we'll get back to work.

Q: What have you seen from Josh Gordon in terms of his work ethic and his toughness? He seemed to take a couple big hits today but came back and made some great catches.

BB: Yeah, he did. Yeah, Josh has worked really hard since he's come back. He's shown a lot of toughness. You're right – he's taken some hits over the middle. He's a big, strong kid but he's resilient and he's shown a lot of mental toughness holding onto the ball and took a couple of tough hits. Yeah, it's been good.

Q: Are you impressed with how well your defense is playing and how exactly are they getting it done out there?

BB: I think we've played good team defense at times. There's still things we need to work on and be a little more consistent at, things we can definitely coach better, but our players have prepared well, the communication has been good. We've tackled well which is key against a team like the Jets with a great back like [Le'Veon] Bell and some elusive receivers like [Braxton] Berrios and [Jamison] Crowder. Those guys are hard to tackle. The tackling's been good. That's been a plus.

Q: How pleased are you in general with the receiver depth that you have?

BB: Yeah, we did some good things. There's certainly a lot of things we can do better, some route techniques and adjustments and so forth. But we've got a couple of young guys at that position, a couple of new guys there. Josh has still only been here a few weeks. We'll just keep grinding.

Q: Why did you decide to cut Antonio Brown on Friday?

BB: Yeah, we'll just focus on today's game.

Q: Can you talk about the special teams play made by Matthew Slater near the end of the game there?

BB: Yeah, that was a really tough play because you have to respect the returner. You don't want to run past him and let him catch the ball and return it, so Matt did a great job of recognizing that the ball was going to go over Braxton's head and then was able to find it and make the play and keep it inbounds. It's tough to catch those as punts. It's even harder to run from the line of scrimmage and turn around and handle them or keep it out of the end zone. Matt's probably the best in the game at that. He's had a lot of great plays, works very hard at it in practice. It's great to see that practice work pay off, but he gave us a lot of leadership out there today. We were missing a few guys on special teams and Matt stepped up like he always does.

Q: Can you talk about the job you guys did on Le'Veon Bell?

BB: Just good team defense. Nobody can stop him. You can't put one or two guys on him. You've got to do a good job of defeating blockers, staying in our gaps and then tackling. He's a great back. He's got tremendous balance, power, vision. It just takes everybody working together on that. Our players really did a good job of being disciplined and tackling.

Q: What do you say to two young players like Jarrett Stidham and Gunner Olszewski who made costly mistakes today?

BB: Yeah, well, we'll look at the film. There will be a lot of things we can do better there – coaching, playing. There's room for improvement from everybody. Hopefully we'll all get back to work this week and try to take another step forward.

Q: Any update on Julian Edelman's injury?

BB: No.

Q: With James White absent today and Julian Edelman missing some time due to injury, was this a good opportunity to get some other guys more involved offensively?

BB: Yeah, we played a lot of people. Again, there were some good things. Certainly a lot of things we can work on and improve in so we'll try to do that.

Q: How did you feel Rex Burkhead did by stepping in to a more prominent role today with James White out?

BB: Yeah, well, Rex is one of our most dependable players. He can play on all three downs – first, second and third down and then he can also play on all the kicking plays on fourth down. He's got tremendous versatility, mental toughness, has a great skill set. He's always ready to go, a very dependable player. We're very fortunate to have him on our team, he does a good job for us.

Q: Are you impressed with the amount of plays Jamie Collins has made through these first three games?

BB: Jamie's a good football player. We have a lot of good players on defense, but yeah, Jamie's been a very productive player for us. He's very smart, very instinctive, sees things extremely well. Can take the practice and preparation reps in the film room to the field and do the right thing and do it very quickly and decisively out there. Yeah, I'm glad we have him. He's done a great job for us.


Postgame Press Conference
Sunday, September 22, 2019

Q: Was this game a good example of why you need to play a full 60 minutes of football, even if you have a big lead?

TB: Yeah, we've all got to go in there and play it out. It's the NFL, so anything happens. I'm glad we won, and defense played great again. I keep saying that, which I'm very happy about and it's great to see them play that way. Yeah, good win. 

Q: On third-and-22 in the third quarter, when Josh Gordon went up and got that ball down the sideline, what's that do for the whole offense?

TB: Yeah, it was a huge play. Is that the one we got the turnover? No, that was after that. We had good field position and Josh made a huge play. Made a bunch all day. He went wire-to-wire; he's going to be pretty tired tomorrow. Proud of him and what he accomplished today. That was a huge play in the game. All the guys played tough, played hard, so it was just a good win.

Q: You had some attrition at wideout today. Is this where it starts to get hard, when you have injuries at offensive line, no James Develin and James White wasn't here? It's not like everything is easy just because of a 30-14 win, right?

TB: Definitely not. I mean, it gets hard and it's this part of the football season. Attrition plays a part. It's a physical, violent sport and guys take big hits and they get injured and you just do the best you can to kind of rehab those and get back as quickly as possible. But, a lot of guys are dealing with stuff. That's just the nature of the sport, and it's a tough sport. 

Q: Is it hard knowing this week you're on the road, against the Bills and you have to reconfigure your offense somewhat on the fly?

TB: Oh yeah, for sure. This is part of the challenge – a lot of things you can't plan for, and you've just got to do the best you can do, and a lot of moving parts, a lot of guys playing a lot of positions they've never really been in. But, no one feels like – that's the NFL, so there's nobody feeling sorry for anybody out there. There's no teams that are, "Man, poor Patriots." No one feels sorry for us; we don't feel sorry for them. It's just, we've got to go out there and try to win a game. Certainly, 3-0 is a good feeling, but you don't really get anything for three wins. We've got to do a lot more than this. 

Q: You went through the Jets defense pretty easily on the first three possessions, but you finished with seven punts. What changed?

TB: Just a lot of things. I've got to see the film. Obviously, not good enough to score points. I wish we would score points on every possession. We just didn't get the job done. 

Q: When you lose a guy like Julian Edelman, how does that affect the offense?

TB: Yeah, I mean, when you have good players out there, it helps. So, your best players playing is a good thing. When you're missing your best players, it gets more challenging and your margin of error goes down. But, every team deals with it. I mean, they certainly weren't healthy today. They've been missing a lot of guys, too. So, it's just part of it, and we're going to deal with it all year, and guys who are in there, they have to go and do a really good job. When we're all healthy, it feels good, but we've still got to go execute. And when we're not, we've still got to go execute, and that's what we're going to try to do.


Postgame Press Conference
Sunday, September 22, 2019

Q: Three games into the season, how close are you to feeling comfortable with everything? How much better do you think you can get based on your ability and your comfort level?

JG: I think it's way too early for me to be feeling any type of comfortability, from a standpoint of being content. I'm very ambitious; I think this team is. Expectations are high. I want to continue to try to climb that ladder and reach those personal and team goals together. It's way too soon. I think there's a lot left out there that we left on the table this afternoon that I think we wish we could have had back. So, moving forward, I think we need to try to capitalize and continue to stay focused in those critical moments of the game. 

Q: You had two big catches in this game, one down the sideline and one that got tipped. How do you practice that concentration to make sure you get your feet in and grab the ball when it's flying through the air?

JG: Well, I think probably just the pace that we have at this game at this level – it's just fast. Things fly in front of your face all the time. At practice, our coaches practice drills with us, whether it's swatting in front of the ball and we've got to make last minute catches. But, more importantly, I think the mindset going into every game as a wide receiver is to attack the ball ferociously. You can't come down with all of them, but the ones that you've got a good chance of grabbing, you better try to grab it as best you can. 

Q: Can you take us through what you were going through health-wise today? How much did it hurt to play football today after some of the hits you took?

JG: You know, some weeks are more painful than others. Obviously, it's not always that bad, but it's part of the game. I don't think anybody likes to get banged up or have to come out of the game, but it's just the reality of it. I think the more important part is just like how many times can you get knocked down and come back? That's my mindset, that's my attitude, no matter if it doesn't take me out all the way where I can't physically do it, I'm going to be back out there within a couple plays. If medically I'm approved to do so, I'm going to go back out no matter what it is that's hurt me. 

Q: What does it say about Tom Brady's trust in you that he throws the ball up there on third-and-22 for you to go get it?

JG: Yeah, I'm just really glad he still had faith in me throughout the course of the game to keep dinging it my way. I think with each opportunity, at some point in time, you know that it's going to hit. I'm glad he saw me on the back side there and a converted type of a route versus their cover 2 look. I just had enough space to make a play on the ball at that point in time and try to stay in, and I really just wanted to make a play and move the sticks and keep us out there a little bit longer and try to win the game. 

Q: Before you got here, your resume was about big games. Upon watching you over the last couple of years, we've seen more of your day-to-day and how you fight through injuries. You had a couple opportunities you could have come out of the game, but you kept going back in. Can you talk about the importance of mental toughness, physical toughness and that being a part of this team?

JG: Yeah, I think that it translates from off the field, as well as on the field. I think my life, the battle of perseverance is something that can show through, through my play and my mindset and how I attack the game. I think I've always been that way, just always having the mindset to not leave anything undone, not give it my best if I could do so. Physically, I think I've always just kind of been a fighter in some type of way – was going to have to fight back, was going to be the underdog – and that's my mindset when I step out there on the field and play each week.


Postgame Press Conference
Sunday, September 22, 2019

Q: Another game, another interception. Is this becoming a habit for you?

DM: I'll take it. Just trying to be in the right place. I think we do a lot of talking, especially in the back end, about where we want to be in certain situations, the formations. So it's a big trust thing. I'm trying to be where the corners expect me to be at all times, and it just happened to work out that the ball's found me for three games in a row. So we've just got to continue to let the ball find somebody on defense, and if we continue to do that we'll have a good defense.

Q: Does the defense count this as a shutout in terms of how well you played today?

DM: No. I mean they got 14 points on the board. But I think the thing we talk about as a defense is consistency. Every time we take the field, playing to a certain level. Whether we give up a play or not, but just continue to get back to that and I think you saw that towards the end. Slate [Matthew Slater] downs a punt on the 1-yard line and all we're talking about is getting off the field, get a turnover or let's go three-and-out. And we just want to create that mentality every time we take the field, to play a certain standard of football.

Q: We've heard the stories of your mom wearing a split-jersey for you and your brother [Jason McCourty] when playing on different teams. Today, you were both on the game day magazine cover. Did you know you were going to be on it or did it catch you by surprise?

DM: I saw it on Twitter, and then my aunt called my mom and said make sure we grab her a GameDay magazine. So I'll probably be bugging Stacey [James] and them to get a bunch of them because I know my family will want them.

Q: How good is Josh Gordon?

DM: Oh, I mean, he's an incredible receiver. I saw first-hand back in '13 when we played him and he took a slant 80 yards for a touchdown when he was in Cleveland. Honestly, it's just been great to see him work. Coming back here and just getting straight to work. Getting to know him better – he's a part of the family, so it's been awesome just to see him go out there and make plays for us.

Q: He's taken some hits and was banged up today, but continued to go back in the game. What does that say about him? We've seen the athleticism, but are we seeing another side of the guy?

DM: Oh yeah. We know he's tough. Those practices we had in the cold last year, and he'd be out there making plays, running through the middle, catching the ball. So I don't think anyone on our team has ever questioned his toughness. And I mean you look at him, you get it right from his appearance how tough he is and his size. So I just think it's cool to see him out there making plays and just helping us win football games.

Q: How in-sync are all three levels of the defense, and how did you get to this point just three games into the season?

DM: Yeah. It's been practice, man. Practice hasn't been perfect, but I think it's been everyone's dedication to make Sunday our best performance. You know, we go over things, we rep things and in practice. Some of it doesn't work the way we want. When that happens, we're on the sideline, we're talking about it. We're saying, "Hey, you do this, I'll be here." And I think that communication, and I think guys just drive and dedication to make it right. We don't leave here any day during the week and not feel comfortable. Then we even come in Saturday, and there's some things we don't like Friday and we're walking through things, we're going over things in case it comes up. I think that is what has allowed us to play well. It hasn't been, "We got this guy and that guy," and a bunch of other nonsense. It's been everybody's dedication each day in practice to try and make our defense as good as possible, and then all we talk about each day is improving. Like you said, I've been here a long time. If you don't improve throughout September, October, it won't matter because no team is going to be the same later in the season. Every team is going to get better. So I think we're on that same chase to see how good we can get.

Q: How much fun is it watching Jamie Collins out there, and how much does the defense benefit from his performance?

DM: I always say that, man. When you become one of the older guys and see young guys come in and develop – you know Jamie came in and didn't play a ton on defense when he was early in his rookie year. Then in the playoffs he came in and played big, and ever since that he's been just showing up, making plays. He leaves for a couple years, comes back, and it's the same Jamie. We didn't lose sync with him, I think, as players. It's been great to have him back. And then I think his ability, but he's another guy, he works his butt off in practice. He practices hard, he communicates well, he does all of those little things, and you match that together with his athletic ability and that's what you see out there on Sunday. Him playing fast, making plays. But I mean, I'm telling you, everything comes down to each guy doing their job. And as good as Jamie is, when each guy does their job, the play is going to go to somebody. Whether it's Jamie, High [Dont'a Hightower], Mike B [Michael Bennett], Danny [Shelton], all of those guys up front are just playing so well, and we've got good depth. So we've just got to keep playing to that.

Q: Some guys in the locker room claim that your defense is still trying to figure out what exactly you do well. How do you continue to seek out improvements when the results have been what they've been?

DM: If you ever sit in a Bill Belichick meeting, don't worry. He'll find it. So we'll come in here tomorrow and he'll have it broken down. Whether it's run technique, whether it's pass-rush games up front, leveraging coverage, depth on the safeties on the half-field, on the middle. All of those fundamentals he'll have down. When that film goes up on that board, you'll see the corrections at the top for each number, each guy out there. So you'll never have to worry about finding the corrections out there. He finds them and he knows football as well as anybody, so we take that to heart when we come in here. And I think one thing is we've just got to continue to get good at everything. You guys have seen it through the years. Defensively, we're always trying to be in different things and have multiples, so we've just got to continue to improve on all of those phases.

Q: After six championships, do you ever talk about being one of the best defenses ever?

DM: No. I think we don't care about that. Right now, we just care about winning football games, and playing well and improving. I think we'll continue to do that and wherever that puts us at the end of the day, we'll take it. But I think for us, we're just playing for each other and having fun.


Rex Burkhead, RB

(On how he felt about the game)

"I'm just trying to help the team out the best way I can. You just try to execute whatever is asked of you."

(On what it means to have the confidence of the team, especially coach Belichick)

"It's huge. That's a big thing around here, trust and confidence and I try to get that from them every week. I try to be consistent on a day in and day out basis, that's what I've learned from watching these veteran guys. I've learned a ton, how to be a professional and how to go about your business every single day. The expectation level here is so high and it brings out the best in you."

Jamie Collins Sr., LB

(On how it seems that he knows what's going to happen before the play develops) 

"Like I said, I have 10 other great guys out there. It's not just me out there and all those guys can make play. They make my job easy."

(On the level of communication with Dont'a Hightower) 

"When you have 10 other great guys out there and at any point in time during the game, any one of them can make a big play. We all know the screen, we all know the route and that's what makes us real good."

(On not allowing a touchdown defensively through three games) 

"Yeah, that's pretty damn good. You know, we just go out there and play for keeps. We are playing to win."

Phillip Dorsett II, WR

(On reaction to the win)

"Good, it feels good. It always feels good when you come out of the game with another win."

(On not coming up with that catch and if he knew about his streak of consecutive targets caught) 

"I wasn't worried about that. It was third down, I knew I had a first down and I knew I caught it. It is what it is."

(On mindset entering this game with role expanding and stepping up to the challenge)

"My mindset really didn't change. Obviously, everything is about getting a win. Things happen, you may have to shuffle some things around but at the end of the day it's football. You never know what can happen. So I was glad to stay on point and just need to be able to adjust.

(On managing to block out the distractions)

"We are all about playing football. We don't worry about the things we can't control. So we just control what we can. I am just glad we came out here and handled business today and got a W."

(On seeing Julian Edelman go down)

"Oh yeah, it is always tough. I hope he is OK. I don't know what is going on but I hope he is OK. Not just as a teammate but as a friend.

(On younger players stepping up)

"Yeah, they need to be ready. And they were ready. They just need to stay on it. They understand it is football and it is a physical game and things can happen. They just have to be ready."

(On Josh Gordon's toughness)

"He is a warrior. He came back in the game and he knew we needed him."

Stephon Gilmore, CB

(On defense overall and keeping the Jets out of the end zone) 

"We played pretty good on defense. Keeping them out of the end zone was one of our goals, but we didn't play perfect, we just played fast and tried to do the best we can."

(On how they make it look to easy as a team) 

"It is not easy, it takes a lot of hard work every week, preparing each week and trusting each other. Different weeks bring different challenges. So it starts during the week and we just keep preparing and try to play our best on Sunday."

(On how the defense challenging each other each week and what is the challenge as a group) 

"It's not getting complacent and trying to come in and work every day no matter what happened last week or the day before. We are just trying to get better each and every day."

(On Jamie Collins' presence) 

"He is a baller. He is big, he can tackle fast, so he helps our defense out a lot."

(On disappointment when the team allows points) 

"That stuff happens but we are a team so it isn't one individual group. We are a team and we just need to correct things."

(On Devin McCourty) 

"He does a lot for our team. He gets us lined up, he is smart, he communicates well and he makes plays. I am happy that he is my safety back there. He has a lot of range and makes plays.

(On confidence the defense is playing with) 

"We are confident. Every week we come out there with different challenges, like I said. We are just trying to play fast. During the week we practice hard but on Sundays we try to have fun."

(On needing to get better)

"For sure, we have to get better. We will watch the film and we didn't play perfect but as long as everyone hustled and communicated well, I think we will be OK."

Duron Harmon, DB

(On initial thoughts of the defense keeping the opponent out of the end zone for the third straight week) 

"It was definitely good. We are just trying to play team defense. We are trying to stop the run, get after the quarterback and play good coverage in the back. We are just trying to be consistent with that."

(On challenging each other and people stepping up) 

"Without a doubt and I think that is the great thing about being on this team, let alone this defense. We have a lot of veteran guys who have played a lot of football and we know how special this group can be. So we aren't going to let anybody stop us from continuing to improve."

(On Jamie Collins' presence) 

 "We all know Jamie is a great player. We knew it when he was here and when he was on the Browns. He is a rare type of athlete and a rare player. I said week to week, I am so happy he is back because he makes our job on the back end easier."

(On summing up the team performance) 

"We are still talking about it being Week 3. We know nothing is going to be perfect and nothing is going to be great. We are still talking about who we are going to be as a defense and working on the fundamentals to get better week to week. We just need to learn from the game today. There were some good things, some bad things and some things in-between. But the good thing is that we got the win and we get to look at the film from a winning perspective tomorrow."

(On Devin McCourty and his three picks in three weeks) 

"He is getting it done, man. You have to catch the ones when they throw it to you. He got one today but at the end of the day an interception is an interception and it's a turnover. It was a group effort, a good rush by the front to force a bad throw."

(On the letdown of giving up a touchdown) 

"You know, it's all about wins. We won the game. We obviously aren't going to shut everyone out every week. From a defensive standpoint we played good and we just need to make sure we play better in other areas.

(On keeping the intensity to keep getting better) 

"Without a doubt. We are pushing ourselves. The good thing about this defense is we obviously are getting coached, but we know what we want to do, how we want to play and what we want the tape to look like. We are pushing ourselves to do that instead of the coaches doing it week to week.

Ryan Izzo, TE

(On how his long catch and run play was drawn up) 

"That is the type of play - you sell the run and then you leak out and if you see the defender on you coming up, you can execute it. Tom [Brady] threw me a great ball and we were able to make a big play."

(On being open) 

"I was a little surprised. I haven't been in the open field in a while, so it felt good."

(On how much confidence plays like that provide) 

"It gives me a lot of confidence. I want to help out the team any way I can, so being able to get the opportunity and take advantage of it, I was really happy."

Jason McCourty, CB

(On what it is like in a coach Belichick meeting when the defense is playing well) 

"It is easy because there are going to be times when you turn on the film and whatever call it is, this person went the wrong way and he didn't cover the guy he was supposed to cover. There are always going to be things that he can put on the film and it is just like, "all right we screwed this up and we screwed that up". I think for us especially, as the older guys and the guys that understand where we are trying t get to as a defense, there is always going to be things to work on. I think you have to take that personal and look in the mirror and decide whether you played well or played bad, and what we can improve upon. You ask yourself, "How can I personally make this defense better". And collectively, when we come together we all have that attitude that we can see as a whole we will improve."

(On are they close on where the defense wants to be) 

"I don't know what close is, I made it to the playoffs for the first time last year. So I don't know in Week 3, what is a defense that looks close looks like. I think for us at this point you is just not about being close or being far off. It is just about how we can improve, how can we get better, and how can we be consistent first and foremost. We have won three games we played well on defense and what is it going to take to play well in game four. For us right now that is the focus, How much can we get to know Buffalo, we are going on the road against a divisional opponent how can we be prepared when we go there next Sunday we are ready to rock and well prepared and ready to execute."

Jakobi Meyers, WR

(On getting in the game) 

"Just having to pay attention in practice I knew that my moment could be called at any time. They always tell you to stay ready, because if you're not ready when they call you you're going to have problems. I feel like I did the best I could, throughout the week preparing and just paying attention to the little details. It paid off."

(On getting on the field and making a play that is substantial to the game) 

"It just helps you build that momentum and be able to have trust in everybody else. You know what you can do as an individual, but not everybody else is sure of what you can do on the field. So just knowing that I can build that trust with the guys, and Tom [Brady] and knowing that I can make plays when they need me. I'm not proud and I'm not satisfied but it's just something to build off of."

(On stepping in when someone else goes down) 

"We need to know that the ball won't stop regardless. Whoever goes down we need to have somebody to pick it up and keep going like no one ever left. It makes us feel real good about our team, and hopefully, I can keep doing my part when my numbers called. Even before then during the week of practice I was like, 'Be ready just in case'. You never know what is going to happen. The game of football is a dangerous game, people get injured every day. One hundred percent injury rate, I was just making sure I was ready just in case."

(On the difference between professional vs. college football) 

"It's definitely faster, people hit a little harder I would say. As long as you prepare well, there is nothing to be nervous about. It's still football at the end of the day."

(On feeding off the defense) 

"It gives us energy, we know. It's not good that we have a little leeway room, and the fact that they keep doing it over and over again. We know we just have to put up points, they handled their part."

Gunner Olszewski, WR

(On his muffed punt and what his teammates said) 

"It is unacceptable like I said, and there is no excuse for it. They told me I needed to pick my head up because there is more game to play and just don't let it happen again."

(On how it felt to get back on the field after the turnover) 

"You know you have to go back out there and do your job. They put me back there because they trust me and I just want to show them that they can trust me in any situation, not just when I am returning. I want them to know I can catch the ball."

Danny Shelton, DL

(On the confidence of the defense) 

"Honestly, I think everybody has the same mindset and same goals when it comes to Sunday. We are just excited to get out there and execute the game plan."

(On how the defense seems to feed off each other) 

"We definitely try and feed off each other. We have a lot of great players on this team and when we are able to communicate and execute our jobs, it makes our job easier and way more fun."

(On if he is impressed by the amount of turnovers the defense has forced)

"I think it could be more. We have to continue to emphasize it more, but everybody has the same mindset to try and contribute to the team's success.

Matthew Slater, WR

(On what he said to Gunner Olszewski after the muffed punt) 

"Keep his head up, we all support him. We know what type of kid he is and everyone in this locker room has a lot of faith and confidence in him. Those kinds of mistakes happen. No one knows more about muffing balls and returns than I do, so stay positive. We support him."

(On how often they practice the goal line punt play) 

"We practice that a lot. Obviously Jake [Bailey] and I haven't had a lot of time working at it together, but he gave me a ball that I could play. It's nice to be able to contribute in a good team like that."

Jarrett Stidham, QB

(On playing in your first NFL game) 

"I was obviously very, very thankful to get a few snaps. I wish it would have gone a little bit better. I just have to make a better throw. So I'm going to continue to get better and have a next player mentality."

(On hoping to get back out there on the next series) 

"Any time you go out there and do that you're itching for the next thing. But it is what it is and like I said I'm just going to continue to play."

(On whether he was surprised to get in to play) 

"I wasn't really expecting it at the time. I was ready for it, but they just said get in so that's what I did. It's obviously not how you want to start things but I just need to trust in my ability and get the ball to the receivers the right way. I have a lot of work to do so I'm excited about that, but I just have to do better."

(On whether his debut was memorable)

"I think anytime you get to step foot on an NFL field it's pretty memorable."

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