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New Englanders make hilarious Super Bowl bets against Philly

Every Super Bowl, cities make odd, funny and creative bets, and they get better and better.

Every year, the institution's in the cities that go to the Super Bowl smack talk, have fun and make bets against each other. They can be weird, hilarious, get Rocky involved and even involve classic art

When it comes to faith in their Patriots, New Englanders don't hold back. 

Governor Charlie Baker made a bet with Pennsylvania's Governor Tom Wolf wagered the best that their states have to offer. If the Eagles win, Gov. Baker will get donuts from Federal Donuts, soup from the Rooster Soup Company, goods from Reading Terminal Market Scrapple, coffee from La Colombe and pizza from Rosa's Fresh Pizza. 

If the Eagles win, Gov. Baker owes Gov. Wolf clam chowder from Legal Seafoods, craisins from Ocean Spray, apple cider donuts from Smolak Farms, apple pie, chicken pot pie and maple syrup from Hollis Hills Farms, Grillo's Pickles and Boston creme pie cupcakes from Koffee Kup. 

With MFA Boston getting in on the betting scene, Boston Symphony Orchestra couldn't resist. If the Patriots win, the music director of the Philadelphia Orchestra will wear a Patriots jersey, and if the Eagles win, BSO music director Andris Nelsons will wear an Eagle jersey. 

In historical bets, Cambridge's American Academy of Arts and Sciences and Philly's American Philosophical Society placed a wager to loan original documents to each other. If the Patriots win, the American Academy of Arts and Sciences will be get Volume 1 of John Adams' A Defence of the Constitutions of Government of the United States of America for temporary display.

If the Eagles win, American Academy will loan APS *Experiments and Observations on Electricity. *

It wouldn't be bets if the animals weren't involved. If the Eagles win, the Franklin Park Zoo has to name their next baby goat Foles. If the Patriots win, the Philadelphia Zoo must name their next baby goat, you guessed it, Brady. 

Hopefully on Monday morning, New England will be cashing in big time on Philadelphia's losses. 

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