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News Blitz 1/21: Rocky Mountain mindset

A roundup of Patriots news.

A *Boston Herald *column declares that Broncos QB Peyton Manning doesn’t currently live up to the praise he's getting from the Patriots.

"When Manning, who is set to square off with Tom Brady in the AFC Championship Game in Denver on Sunday, was in his prime, he struck fear in Patriots defenders," she writes. "Watching Manning now, it's not quite the same. At 39, the mind is still there. The body isn't."

In The Boston Globe, another columnist takes on the Broncos' claims that QB Tom Brady is a whiner.

"Their delivery has been hyperbolic and painfully transparent, painting Brady as a crybaby and a whiner," he writes. "But that's all the better to make sure they get the benefit of a few borderline hits on TB12 thanks to their verbal roughing the passer."  

There's also a Globe feature on Manning being back in the saddle for the Broncos. offers a fun Brady-Manning quiz.

Meanwhile, on, there's an examination of the future of injured veteran LB Jerod Mayo with the Patriots.

Comcast's site also offers a ranking of its concerns for the Patriots heading into Denver.

And if you love video games and want an early prognostication of who will win the AFC Championship this Sunday in Denver, check out what the Denver Post did. It played the game twice, using Manning in one contest and backup Brock Osweiler in the other. Let's just say, if this score holds true, Patriots fans will be happy that Manning is starting this weekend.

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