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News Blitz 1/27: Patriots arrive in Arizona

A roundup of Patriots news coverage.


CHANDLER, Ariz. – An opinion piece in *The Boston Globe* says that in Super Bowl XLIX, it's the Patriots against the world. The Globe also has a couple more stories about former Patriots coach, now Seahawks boss, Pete Carroll, including a look back at his time in New England.

Across town, the Boston Herald compares Julian Edelman to former Patriots WR Troy Brown. Focusing on the game, the Herald examines how the Patriots must stop Seattle QB Russell Wilson. looks at how Seattle RB Marshawn Lynch's virtual silence with the media is paying off for him. Plus, a look at the importance of TE Rob Gronkowski in this Super Bowl. caught up with co-captain Devin McCourty to see how the safety is staying focused during Super Bowl Week. The site also features an opinion column on the relationship with Patriots owner Robert Kraft and NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell.

On, there's a sad story about the late Mosi Tatupu having suffered from brain disease. Also, a look at how injuries to the Seattle secondary could impact the Super Bowl.

And in The Providence Journal, Tom Brady's first public comments in Arizona are the focus of one article, while there are a couple of different editorial views about the deflated football controversy.

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