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News Blitz 11/24: Officiating contributes to bizarre night

The Patriots improved to 10-0 on the season but it wasn't easy and it didn't come without some controversial moments from Gene Steratore's officiating crew. has a rundown of the explanations from Steratore of some of the bizarre calls. The officiating caught the attention of the Providence Journal as well.

It was the defense that keyed the victory. Danny Amendola, who enjoyed a strong game before leaving with an injury, was one of the ups for had Brandon LaFell explaining that Amendola appeared to be in good spirits after the game despite the injury. As the injuries continue to pile up the offense is searching for ways to remain productive. It was James White's time to shine on Monday night as the second-year back notched the first two touchdowns of his career. Amendola's knee leads the notebook.

Rob Gronkowski wasn't making any excuses for his limited impact on the game. Meanwhile, Ryan came away impressed by the Patriots defense. has Ryan calling the Patriots an outstanding football team, which is a far cry from his normal postgame bluster. They also marvel at the team's ability to continue winning without so many key parts.

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