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News Blitz 11/29: Brady's knee in 'better place'

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The Patriots recent run of injuries is at the top of the team's list of concerns, but Tom Brady doesn't seem as worried as some others. The quarterback spoke on Monday and said his ailing knee is in a better place than it was the previous week. says that while the defense is still evolving the group is taking small steps in the right direction. wonders if the improvement will be good enough. There's also some news of the Patriots latest waiver wire claim.

The Boston Globe says the Jets let the Patriots off the hook late in Sunday's game by not applying more pressure on Brady. The Globe says simply winning isn’t enough for these Patriots.

Stephen Gostkowski continues to endure his struggles this season and the* Boston Globe writes the numbers indicate he's a below average kicker right now. The Boston Herald* agrees the team has a kicking problem.

The Boston Herald's report card says the Patriots were fortunate to pass an easy test.

The Patriots tried a double pass in the win over the Jets, and the Providence Journal's notebook leads with Bill Belichick explaining his use of trick plays. The defense finally picked up some turnovers in the victory as well.

Things aren't great in LA-LA Land as former Rams great Eric Dickerson says he will never attend a Rams game as long as Jeff Fisher remains the coach. The LA Times has Fisher explaining how it’s time for his team to respond to a trouncing. Unfortunately his team has had a lot of chances to do so. Flipping the script from most of their games, the Rams were hurt by their defense after watching the offense have a productive day against the Saints.

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