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News Blitz 11/9: Seahawks pose a threat

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While the election and the potential involvement of both Bill Belichick and Tom Brady on the proceedings dominated the day, the Patriots are still 100 percent locked in on Seattle and the Seahawks visit to Gillette Stadium Sunday night. says dealing with Russell Wilson reminds Belichick of watching Hall of Famer Roger Staubach with Dallas. Belichick also sees a lot of similarities between the Patriots and Seahawks in terms of gathering under-the-radar prospects who become key players.

The Boston Globe says the Seahawks haven’t changed much since the Super Bowl. The Patriots haven’t gotten much pressure on opposing passers this season but that hasn't hurt them in terms of wins and losses. agrees. History says Tom Brady is still very much an MVP candidate despite missing four games due to a suspension.

The Boston Herald says it’s time to find out what Belichick has in store for the defense after letting Jamie Collins go. They also look at the Patriots dominance against the NFC during Belichick and Brady's tenure.

In Seattle there is lots to fix but the Seahawks remain near the top of the league's power rankings. The Seattle Times says the recent win over Buffalo may be proof that the team has accepted its inability to run the ball.

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