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News Blitz 12/19: Hats off to Pats

The Patriots wrapped up their eighth straight AFC East division title with a hard-fought road win in Denver and also clinched their seventh straight first-round bye in the process. says the achievements were particularly satisfying for a group of newcomers who haven't enjoyed much success previously in their NFL careers. They also note that all three Patriots quarterbacks contributed to the team's success.

As for the game, Dion Lewis' reemergence into the running game was a big part of the 16-3 victory. *The Boston Globe *agreed, saying Lewis let his feet do the talking.

The Boston Herald is giving all the credit to the defense, which turned in another tremendous performance. They add that the style was perfect for a Bill Belichick coached team while the notebook leads with Trey Flowers' solid effort. also focuses on the young pass rusher, who now leads the lteam with seven sacks. says the Patriots have put it all together and shown tremendous resolve over the last five weeks.

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