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News Blitz 12/9: Losing streak in focus

A roundup of Patriots news coverage.

The Patriots may have lost two straight games, but warns that New England’s opponents should be worried when the Patriots are on the skids. The site also points out that Vegas odds-makers are still believers in the Patriots when it comes to winning Super Bowl 50.

Meanwhile, *The Boston Globe *asserts that New England needs to revise its formula for success. "The Patriots were cuffed around by the Giants and Bills and needed miracles to come up with two victories to get to 10-0. This is not a workable formula for success," the columnist writes in part. "Ordinarily, winning football games comes down to talent and execution, not the time-tested Patriot way of waiting for the other guy to fall down.

If they want to advance to the Super Bowl, the wounded Patriots can't simply rely on the brilliance of Bill Belichick, the clutch play of Brady, and the abject mediocrity of the AFC."

Across town, the Boston Herald takes a statistical look at Rob Gronkowski, as the tight end remains on a historic pace despite missing last week's game. The Herald also offers 5 areas where the Patriots need to improve right away.

Rookie DT Malcom Brown's development is the focus of a *Worcester Telegram & Gazette* story.

And examines the similarities between the Texans’ and Patriots’ schemes, given that Houston's head coach used to be New England's offensive coordinator. However, Bill O'Brien says in another story that his familiarity with the Patriots doesn’t give his team an edge this Sunday.

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