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News Blitz 2/21: Garoppolo's trade value

The sage surrounding Jimmy Garoppolo has emerged as one of the biggest issues of the offseason throughout the NFL. Some national scribes believe the backup quarterback will be traded for a huge return while others believe Bill Belichickwill hold onto him and protect his asset. wonders if the hype surrounding Garoppolo is warranted. The site also sizes up the trade market and identifies six teams that could use Garoppolo's services. Meanwhile, Fox Sports' Colin Cowherd believes Garoppolo is more valuable than the No. 1 overall pick.

Alabama officially named Brian Daboll its offensive coordinator, leaving the Patriots without a tight ends coach. offers some thoughts on a possible successor for Daboll.

Sizing up the offseason, the Providence Journal looks at the offensive line. says the negotiations between the Patriots and Martellus Bennett will be compelling. says there are five Patriots listed among the top 50 free agents available according to Pro Football Focus. sizes up LeGarrette Blount's possibilities of returning. handicaps the Patriots free agents.

The New York Daily News reports the Jets went to great lengths to tamper with Darrelle Revis back in 2015 when the corner left New England as a free agent. has Chris Hogan explaining how he was able to earn Tom Brady's trust so quickly.

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