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News Blitz 2/24: Offseason evaluations

There are still a couple of weeks left before the start of the new league but the Patriots, like all teams, have plenty of decisions to make between now and then. The biggest obviously involves Jimmy Garoppolo but there are many others that will require some serious thought over the coming days.

Evaluating the roster and formulating a plan for free agency is high on the list and many writers are in the midst of doing so around New England.

Add defensive tackle Alan Branch to the Providence Journal's growing list of Patriots free agent priorities. Sticking with the roster, breaks down the Patriots position groups and ranks them. thinks the offensive line is solid heading into the offseason. They also wonder if DeSean Jackson would be an option to add to the receiving corps.

The Patriot Ledger tackles to issue of trading Garoppolo, wondering which course would be best for the Patriots take with the backup quarterback.

Ron Borges of the Boston Herald says the concussion doctor has some choice words for the NFL. has Aaron Rodgers calling Tom Brady the GOAT.

Finally, with all of the Garoppolo trade talk tries to determine which deal was the greatest in NFL history.

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