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News Blitz 3/10: Ryan departs, more Garoppolo mayhem

NFL free agency and the league year are off to a frenzied start, both in New England and elsewhere.

On the first day of 2017 action, the Patriots announced a trade for tight end Dwayne Allen and were in the middle of a lot of other action reportedly signing Stephon Gilmore, Alan Branch and Duron Harmon. Plenty of Patriots rumors also swirled around potential trades of Malcolm Butler and Jimmy Garoppolo.

The Boston Globe breaks down what the Gilmore signing means for the Patriots moving forward. The Globe notes that the Patriots will reportedly lose free agent cornerback Logan Ryan to the Titans. The Globe also looks at how the Browns might be gearing up to make a run at a trade for Garoppolo. Off the field, the Globe says Julian Edelman is no longer dating a supermodel. delves into the social media storm that surrounded Garoppolo on Friday morning after the backup QB's Instagram account seemed to indicate he was leaving New England, only to find out it was supposedly hacked. says New England will turn its focus to free agent linebacker Dont'a Hightower on the second day of free agency. also looks at the effects of the Gilmore signing. also details the $20-million deal that Harmon got to remain in New England. has surprising word that the Patriots and Butler have not had contract discussions since last year.'s Mike Lombardi, a longtime Belichick friend and recently a member of the Patriots front office, says that the Super Bowl hero Butler is "looking for the moon and then some" in his contract negotiations with New England. The Ringer also looks at the Gilmore and Allen additions for New England. wonders what is next for Butler. On a related note, declares that the Gilmore signing is "bizarre." passes along Butler's agent saying his client is "not asking for the moon." also looks at the Garoppolo Instagram craziness. writes that Belichick and the Patriots continue to show that they are always one step ahead of the rest of the NFL. also passes along word the Browns still want Garoppolo. says the Titans want Hightower, but that New England still wants to retain its Pro Bowl defensive captain.

USA Today juxtaposes the Patriots and Redskins, for better and worse, living up to their reputations on the first day of the new league year. 

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