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News Blitz 3/11: All about Revis

A roundup of Patriots news coverage.


Everyone in the NFL media world is talking about Darrelle Revis' defection from New England back to New York.

The Boston Globe insists that no player is bigger than the Patriot Way, including Revis. The Globe also examines other options for the Patriots at corner now that he's gone.

The Boston Herald also looks at how New England will rebuild its secondary with Revis out (and possibly Brandon Browner, too). A Herald editorial predicts that Revis will never win another Super Bowl, at least not with his new/old Jets.

Speaking of Browner, is keeping track of his whereabouts with regard to free agency, as well as taking a closer look at the hows and whys of Revis' departure. asks whether it's time for the Patriots and their fans to panic now that Revis has left town. It also compiled a collection of reaction from Revis' former Patriots teammates.

And takes its best guess on how, at the moment, the Patriots must restructure their defense without Revis.

If you're looking for an idea of where the Patriots stand with their salary cap,, a very unofficial but generally reliable source, is a good place to check periodically.

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