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News Blitz 3/29: More Manziel and a catch?

Today’s News blitz brings continued speculation about Johnny Manziel and the NFL’s ever-changing interpretation of catch rules.

Two stories that just won't go away this week are the NFL's new catch rule and Johnny Manziel.

Both somehow have become endlessly intertwined with the Patriots.

The Boston Globe *says that though the NFL denies it, it certainly looked like the league used the new catch rules back in Super Bowl LII. The *Globe offers up its thoughts on the pros and cons of the Patriots considering the signing of Manziel. The Globe also jumps on the Boston Herald-created idea that the Patriots should trade for Giants start receiver Odell Beckham Jr.

The Boston Herald catches up with linebacker Marquis Flowers, who knew all along he wanted to re-sign with the Patriots this spring despite free agent interest elsewhere. The Herald also writes that New England appears to be operating as if tight end Rob Gronkowski will return for 2018 despite his post-Super Bowl comments regarding his future. explains why Bill Belichick was shown at the Dolphins facility in a photo that made the rounds on social media on Wednesday. addressed the ongoing catch controversy, how it was handled in the Super Bowl and the role that NFL VP Troy Vincent plays in the whole mess. also notes that Gronkowski has landed a role in an upcoming movie with Mel Gibson. says that the league will explore the "elimination of kickoffs." Another day another mock draft for, this one with the Patriots landing Ohio State linebacker Jerome Baker at No. 31. has one league executive saying that New England would be the best fit for inspirational UCF linebacker Shaquem Griffin, who lost his left hand at the age of 4. wonders if second-year, former undrafted player Cole Croston could compete for the team's left tackle job.

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