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News Blitz 3/3: Brady's court case

A roundup of Patriots news.

Tom Brady and the NFL square off again in court today.

ESPN's blog offers an excellent preview of what we can expect in the Brady-v-NFL case, including a snapshot of the expected legal fees the proceedings could cost.

The Boston Globe also examines the Brady court case (which starts at 2 p.m. Eastern) and four possible outcomes.

A Providence Journal piece asserts that the case is no longer about Brady specifically, but something much grander for the NFL Commissioner.

"This case is no longer about Brady,"  Suffolk University Law School professor Marc Greenbaum is quoted in the story. "It's really about two things. One, did the commissioner exceed his authority? Or, two, did Judge [Richard] Berman exceed his authority [in the previous court ruling]?"

A column supports the ProJo assertion, saying the case is more about Roger Goodell than Brady.

"When they walk into court on Thursday, the NFL's attorneys aren't concerned with making sure Tom Brady sits out a quarter of the 2016 season. What they want is to overturn the precedent Judge Berman…"

In the wake of New England's releasing WR Brandon LaFell and TE Scott Chandler (and in a lesser story, the team's parting ways with injured WR Brian Tyms), the Globe provides a story on the Patriots’ needs at the pass-catching positions. continues its pre-draft series with a look at potential Patriots draft choices at wide receiver. There's also a piece saying wide receiver is the biggest offseason need for New England in 2016.

Finally, did have you heard that Gronk is getting his own TV show on Nickelodeon?

An Associated Press story has details.

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