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News Blitz 4/13: BB on CNBC

A roundup of Patriots news.

Since there's not much else going on in the world of Patriots news today, this gets top Bill-ing (pardon the pun). Bill Belichick agreed to a rare one-on-one offseason interview with CNBC recently and discussed his career, family, leadership style, Super Bowl wins and his relationship with Tom Brady.


The Q&A session took place in Belichick's hometown of Annapolis, Maryland, at his request. Interviewer Suzy Welch also played a word association game with the Patriots head coach. Here's a sample:

Welch: "Deflategate."

Belichick: "Ridiculous."

Welch: "Aaron Hernandez."

Belichick: "Tragedy."

Welch: "Heartbreaking."

Belichick: "Yes. That would be another word."

Welch: "Next year."

Belichick: "Is this year."

Welch: "Perfect day."

Belichick: "Nantucket."

Welch: "Last one. Legacy."

Belichick: "For another day."

You can watch the entire Belichick interview now on

Meanwhile, the Patriots were busy hosting a pair of veteran running backs, and not the ones you've already heard of this offseason. provides details.

In a related story, offers a list of draft-eligible ball carriers who might be of interest to New England this month.

In its continuing series analyzing the Patriots roster, The Boston Globe declares that the Patriots wide receivers are in mostly good hands.

A related ESPN story says economics were a consideration when the Patriots acquired WR Brandin Cooks this offseason.

Elsewhere, three Patriots are among the NFL's most popular when it comes to jersey sales, and one player (guess who?) is at the very top. has the answer.

Finally, another ESPN blog post recaps a spirited meeting of the Patriots Hall of Fame Committee yesterday.

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