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News Blitz 5/13: Brady saga continues

Headlines continue to be dominated by the fallout from the NFL's punishment of Tom Brady and the Patriots. has some new angles, including a look at how Brady is mounting his forces for a legal defense. The site also has details of new TE Fred Davis' contract.

The Boston Herald also examines Brady's side, as well as that of NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell, who will hear consider any appeal by Brady. In addition, the Herald focuses on backup QB Jimmy Garoppolo, who could take on a larger role soon.

In The Boston Globe, you'll find a full recap of a media conference call involving the author of the Brady investigation's report, attorney Ted Wells. The Globe also sought reaction from other NFL big-wigs and local fans about the penalties given to Brady and the Patriots this week. went further, posting reaction from the White House Press Secretary on the matter and examining the relationship between Patriots owner Robert Kraft and Goodell.

And gets reaction from a former Brady teammate and some Red Sox, and reports on how Patriots merchandise sales has been affected (positively) by DeflateGate.

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