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News Blitz 6/29: Amendola healthy

A roundup of Patriots news.

Not a heck of a lot to report during this slow season on the NFL calendar. However, what little there is, is good for Patriots wide out Danny Amendola. He spent the day Tuesday at ESPN headquarters making the rounds on their various programs and proclaimed himself fit and ready for the 2016 season after a couple of offseason procedures.

"I feel really good. I had a couple minor procedures done after the season. Everybody knows how long the season can be. I wanted to go into next season feeling as fresh and ready as I can," Amendola said on one of the shows.

There's a recap of his appearances on ESPN's blog and on, which recounts a competitive ping-pong match between Amendola and QB Tom Brady.

Elsewhere, head coach Bill Belichick offered his thoughts on the passing of former NFL coach Buddy Ryan – father of current coaches Rex and Rob of the Buffalo Bills. The Boston Globe managed to get a statement from Belichick and posted other flattering remarks he made about the elder Ryan in the past.

Belichick wasn't just doling out praise this week, he was on the receiving end of it as well, as you'll see in a story. Ex-Patriots front office exec Floyd Reese appeared on a nationwide NFL radio program extolling the virtues of Belichick and how hard it is for his coaching and scouting disciples to have success when they leave Foxborough.

"[Y]ou can take bits and pieces of it that are very well done, very good, and you can maybe add those to whatever it is you're trying to do… But for you to leave there and try to copy what they're doing would be a real mistake," Reese asserts in part.

Finally, tying back to today's top story, takes an entertaining look at what it believes are the 10 most important body parts on the Patriots roster. Don't worry, it's a safe-for-work read.

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