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News Blitz 7/1: Happy holiday weekend

A roundup of Patriots news.

As we ease into the long holiday weekend, there's very little to report on the Patriots front... or anywhere in the NFL, for that matter. It's that time of year when everyone stops to enjoy the warm weather for a while.

The Boston Globe, however, has the first in a summertime series of articles examining the Patriots roster position-by-position. First up is QBs.

Aside from that, what "news" there is, is all of the light and fluffy variety.

Tom Brady responded to WR Danny Amendola's revelation about a ping-pong match between the two with a humorous Facebook post. ESPN blogged about that this week, as well as a detailed interview with former Patriots DT Vince Wilfork, who graces the cover of ESPN The Magazine’s Body Issue.

Among other topics, Wilfork discusses what it was like to practice against former Patriots WR Randy Moss.

"Randy taught me how to be a great receiver. He's a good friend of mine," recalls Wilfork. "I would always be the receiver and he would be a DB. I liked to run a jerk route. Oh, man, I would love it. To this day, any receiver that runs that route, I love it because it's kind of unguardable. That was my go-to. We had a lot of fun."

If you care at all about arbitrary lists, Brady and TE Rob Gronkowski just made one: NFL Network's Top 100 Players. Both Brady and Gronk are in the top 10, with WR Julian Edelman appearing near the bottom. Curiously, no Patriots defenders made the list.

That'll do it for this week. Reminder: training camp opens later this month. Happy Fourth, everyone!

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