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News Blitz 7/5: Suh: 'Patriots definitely beatable'

All of the day's Patriots news in one convenient place.

The Fourth of July holiday came and went without much fanfare around the National Football League, which is good news for the 32 teams, each of which obviously would like that to remain the case during the lone down period on the league calendar.

There were no reports of misconduct involving players, and while that made coaches from coast to coast happy it did little to provide us with some content for today's News Blitz.

Just because there aren't many players doing dumb things doesn't mean at least a few aren't saying anything controversial. Miami's Ndamukong Suh proclaimed the Patriots “are definitely beatable,” which on the surface is rather harmless but something tells me it won't be interpreted that way. This after the Dolphins Jarvis Landry made similarly confident comments about his team's chances against New England earlier in the offseason. continues to do its best, providing another question for its AFC East beat writers on Wednesday. Today's offering wonders who will emerge as the go-to guy for quotes now that Rex Ryan is out of the division.

Times have certainly changed the NFL landscape dramatically over the years as explains in 1960 the Patriots training camp would have kicked off already as the holiday wrapped up.

As part of his interview with N Magazine last week, Bill Belichick explains where his attention to detail originated. Having spent so much time around the Naval Academy’s football program, it should come as no surprise why he's emerged as such a discipline-oriented coach.

Finally, former Colts tackle Tarik Glenn says his team cheated to help combat crowd noise back in the 1990s.

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