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News Blitz 9/25: Patriots fight to the finish

Today's News Blitz recaps what was an eventful Sunday in New England, both on and off the field.


New England's opening night loss to the Chiefs left Tom Brady questioning his team's competitiveness.

Just a couple weeks later at Gillette Stadium, Sunday's 36-33 comeback win over the Texans had Brady and his New England teammates fighting to the bitter end to pull out the victory.

The Boston Globe says the effort ranks near the top of Brady’s long list of comebacks. The Globe *notes that Brady let his play do the talking more than anything else on what was a controversial Sunday across the NFL. The *Globe says that Sunday was the day that Brandin Cooks truly became a Patriot. The Globe notebook says that Rob Gronkowski and Danny Amendola were both fit and formidable in the win over the Texans. The Globe writes that the Patriots had the final say in what was a back-and-forth battle with Houston.

The Globe writes that President Donald Trump says that Patriots owner Robert Kraft “can do whatever he wants” after the latter's comments criticizing the former's recent controversial thoughts regarding the NFL and its players. The* Globe* says that if Trump intended to divide the NFL and its players…he failed. The Globe looks at how fans at Gillette Stadium reacted to Patriots players’ protests during the national anthem. The Globe passes along Brady’s message of love when questioned about the day’s protests.

Herald *columnist Ron Borges declares that despite the win, New England’s defense was as ugly as sin. The *Herald recaps Cooks’ big day, both in terms of protests and playmaking. The Herald said the Patriots finally showed some heart in the comeback win. The Herald passes along Brady saying that he totally disagrees with Trump’s comments. The* Herald* notes that Brady was once again “legendary” in Sunday's success story. The *Herald *lists the best and worst of the day in Foxborough.

The Providence Journal writes that Brady orchestrated yet another comeback. The ProJo *notes that Cooks came through when it mattered most. The *ProJo declares that the weather and Deshaun Watson made for a tough day for the New England defense. As he's done so many times, the ProJo says Amendola came through in the clutch. Coming off a week in which he missed practice on Wednesday due to a groin injury, the *ProJo *details Gronkowski’s impressive impact against Houston. believes Patriots fans got to meet the real Cooks on Sunday. thinks Brady's latest comeback success will be the jump-start the Patriots need moving forward. lets Gronkowski explain why he enjoyed blocking J.J. Watt. writes that in the end New England was united in victory on Sunday. says the Patriots got to play to the last second. passes along Bill Belichick praising his team’s situational football late in the victory over Houston. has Malcolm Butler calling Watson an “upcoming Cam Newton,” a reference to the Panthers passer who the Patriots will actually face this coming Sunday in Foxborough. offers up three things we learned from the Patriots battle with the Texans.

Sports Illustrated has Cooks thankful to be a Patriot.

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