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NFL to wait on scheduling decision

Everything was quiet around Foxboro Stadium and will be for the weekend with the team getting the next few days off.

Players and coaches will not begin full preparation for the Week Three game against the New York Jets until next Tuesday. It will be at least that long until any decision on what to do with the games cancelled this weekend is made. NFL Vice President of Public Relations Greg Aiello said Friday the league would not make a decision on the schedule before Tuesday. There were no other announcements coming from the league office.

Commissioner Paul Tagliabue has two options for what to do with the schedule are being discussed. The games scheduled for Week Two could be played during what would have been Wild Card Weekend from Jan. 5-7. That plan would reduce the number of playoff teams from 12 to eight, eliminating the wild-card round and limiting each conference to one wild card team.

The second alternative is to cancel the week and simply have a 15-game schedule. San Diego, scheduled for a bye in Week Two, would be the only team with a 16-game slate, which would have to be worked around in some way. The absence of a bye week between the conference championships and Super Bowl XXXVI render these the sole two choices for resolving the schedule.

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