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Nicknames, fashion statements and more: What we learned from Cam Newton's WEEI interview

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Watching the Patriots win over the Miami Dolphins in the first game back after an unusual off-season, there was a lot to be excited about and even more to discuss. In Newton's very first post-win interview on WEEI's "Greg Hill Show," Patriots fans learned a lot about the quarterback.

When Newton walked into Gillette Stadium on Sunday, his entire outfit was a statement piece. The bright yellow suit accented with a black bow tie, hat and shoes was a heck of a way to make an entrance. It's no secret that Newton is into fashion as a means of expression, so of course, there was meaning behind each choice he made.

"I met with the counsel, trusted friends, loved ones and we came up with yellow because we felt as if it was in some ways resurrection Sunday. Easter's finest," Newton said. "Another notion to the outfit was we wanted it to be like caution tape with the yellow and the black just to get people prepared and aware that Boogie is back."

With that, the chain that Newton wears was a big topic of conversation, and of course, it has meaning, as well. The chain has the birthstones and names of each of his children, so naturally, it means a great deal to him.

Over the last few weeks, many Patriots players have commented on the energy that Newton brings to practice, and as it turns out, that energy includes an extensive list of nicknames. Newton shared some of the nicknames he's handed out for his teammates, like: Highway 11, Doughboy, Smokin' Joe, Dirty Dave, Twin 1, Twin 2, Winnie the Pooh, Bent Dog and Crazy Legs.

On a more serious note, Newton said he has already learned a great deal from Coach Bill Belichick.

"He makes even the smartest players more cerebral," Newton said. "With that being said, we go over situational football each and every single day, and there's no point in time where he cannot stop something and teach you something. He's the ultimate teacher and I just respect that."

You can catch both Newton and Bill Belichick every Monday on WEEI, and listen to this Monday's interview in full below.

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