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North Dakota newlyweds visit Gillette Stadium for honeymoon

Newlyweds Alex and Ashley Bjerke of Fargo, N.D., capped of their honeymoon to Massachusetts with a Patriots game on Nov. 13.

Photo by Eric J. Adler
Photo by Eric J. Adler

Any newlywed couple has its own idea of the perfect honeymoon. For some, it's a cruise. For others, it is laying on the beach somewhere warm. For Alex and Ashley Bjerke of Fargo, N.D., the ideal getaway was sharing a new experience and new city together, and finally catching a Patriots game in person. 

After spending the weekend exploring the historical sites in Boston, Alex and Ashley capped off their honeymoon with a trip to Gillette Stadium to catch the Patriots taking on the Seattle Seahawks on Nov. 13. 

Alex said he became a Patriots fan, despite growing up in Minnesota, by chance.

"I was just a kid and went to a quarter machine and there were little football mugs, and I just randomly got a Patriots one. I was like well who are these guys," Alex said. "Then I watched my first Patriots game on TV and fell in love with them right then and there and have been a fan ever since."

It didn't take long for Ashely to get on board with her husband's love for the team. After their wedding on June 25, she was the one who suggested Boston as a honeymoon spot and a Patriots game to top it off. They toured Boston and Ashely said they "loved the city," but the Patriots game capped the weekend off perfectly.

"I was so excited in the hotel room. I was dancing around, and now I'm holding back tears I'm so excited," Alex said. "I've wanted to come here since I was probably 10 years old. It's like a dream come true."

Though they said some family and friends were surprised by their decision, they said eventually they understood. Considering the couple even has a puppy named "Gronk," it just made sense. 

"I think when it comes to my family, knowing my fandom for it, they just said, 'How did you convince her to do that?' Well, it was her idea. They still don't believe me that it was her idea," Alex said with a laugh. 

Above all, the trip was a chance for both Alex and Ashley to explore and celebrate their marriage with an adventure.

"Neither of us have been here so it was nice to do something together that neither of us have done," Ashley said.


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