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Packers' Barnett to file grievance against referee for takedown

Packers linebacker Nick Barnett has filed a grievance with the NFL protesting the force that referee James Quirk used on him in Sunday's game, NFL Network's Adam Schefter is reporting.

Barnett, who wants the league to take action, claims this is the third incident that Quirk and his crew have been involved in regarding a physical incident with a player.

Packers coach Mike McCarthy said he spoke with NFL vice president of officiating Mike Pereira earlier this week about Quirk's takedown of Barnett during an on-field scuffle in Sunday's game.

McCarthy praised Pereira but wouldn't reveal details of their conversation.

"I'm comfortable with the conversation," McCarthy said. "That's something I can't share."

On Monday, McCarthy said Quirk acted "totally unprofessional" when he grabbed Barnett by the neck and wrestled him to the ground. League officials haven't announced any action.

"I'll tell you what, I've never seen anything like that in all my years," McCarthy said. "I didn't see the whole thing but I thought the official was totally out of line the way he grabbed Nick around the neck and pulled him out of there.

"There was a lot going on throughout the game on both sides of the ball after the play was over. Their offensive line was getting after Nick a bunch down the stretch. And that goes on in these types of games. I didn't see all of it but I saw the end of it. I thought it was totally unprofessional. I thought it was totally out of hand."

Before filing the grievance, Barnett said he didn't want to cause any further trouble and was letting McCarthy handle the incident. He even joked that Quirk might have a future in professional wrestling.

"I got in a choke hold, I couldn't really breathe a little bit," Barnett said. "He got a good one on me. I don't know how he got under that face mask, but he got a good hold on me."

The Associated Press contributed to this story.

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