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In today's News Blitz... Ellison added to a roster in constant flux, Brady's no-interception streak: skill or luck? and OT in playoffs will be different this year.

The Patriots signed defensive lineman Atiyyah Ellison to the active roster yesterday. He takes the place of Brandon Deaderick, who was placed on the IR/suspended list Monday. Read about a defensive line that has its fair share of injuries entering the playoffs in the Boston Globe, which also quotes former Patriot and NBC analyst Rodney Harrison on his opinion of the Pats' rookie D.

Read a similar story in the Boston Herald.

Read more about Ellison's acquisition on

Patriots defensive lineman Vince Wilfork graces the latest Sport Illustrated cover. Read about it in the Boston Globe.

The Boston Herald delves deep into roster analysis as the Patriots coast into the second round of the playoffs. Since last year's playoff loss to Baltimore, 25 players have been cut from the active roster, not to mention some unexpected additions this season like running back Danny Woodhead and wide receiver Deion Branch. Needless to say, coach Bill Belichick will play the best man for his respective job, "regardless of how the guy got here," he told the Herald.

Read more about drastic roster changes in the Herald.

Patriots quarterback Tom Brady has thrown 355 passes over 11 games, no interceptions, the longest streak in NFL history. The Boston Herald asks the question "Is it luck, skill or a combination of both?"

The Herald also asks other NFL quarterbacks what this streak means to them.

No more sudden death in playoff overtime scenarios. Instead, each team gets a possession in OT, unless the first team scores a touchdown on its opening overtime drive. A field goal by that team would put the OT into sudden death. Any defensive score would also end the game as that implies both teams had possession. Read about how coaches may have to strategize differently in the Boston Globe.

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