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Patriots Locker Room Quotes

New England Patriots guard Logan Mankins and running back Sammy Morris offer comments on their upcoming divisional game against the Miami Dolphins.

Logan Mankins, Guard
*(On rarely losing back-to-back games)
*"Losing two in a row is a bad trend that you don't want to get into. We try to keep it at one. But this is a tough week, Miami's got a good defense. They bring a lot of challenges, so - the offense - we have to play pretty good."

(On the Patriots playing well in December)
"I'm not sure [why]. I think Bill [Belichick] tries to make us improve every week. We've played 11 games so far and, once you hit December, you've played enough games that if you keep improving you should be playing pretty good ball in December. Hopefully, we cold continue that this year."

(On how the team feels heading into this weekend)
"It's one of those things, it's a short week. We tried to cram in a lot of stuff in the last few days to make sure we're on top of it mentally and we're trying to get there physically. It's tough having a short week, but every team has to deal with it, so it's not our first time doing it."

(On if having playing the Dolphins before has helped in preparing during a short week)
"Yeah, that helps. We're familiar with a lot of the things we do. They have a very talented defense, so I'm sure they'll have some new wrinkles for us. We just have to be ready and do what we should do."

(On if the preparation is fresh in his mind from the last time they played)
"Yeah, it is. There are a few little things - coaching points from last time - were fresh in my mind for this game. That always helps playing them so soon again."

(On keeping Joey Porter in check the last game)
"Well, that was mostly the [offensive] tackles. They were playing with good technique, they were running when they were supposed to be. If we could do that again, that'd be nice."

*(On having Fred Taylor back at practice)
*"Yeah, it's nice to see Fred back out there. He's a good player and it'll be nice to get him back."

Sammy Morris, Running Back
(On how the Patriots running backs compliment each other)
"I think we have a pretty diverse group of guys, in terms of what each of us can do. It's a good mix of young guys and veteran guys. I think we have a good unit back there."

(On the Patriots' past success in the month of December and the importance of the running game)
"I think as you get toward the end of the season, you don't have as many opportunities. Say if you do have a lapse in one game, each game becomes that much more important. Obviously, I think the more you people you have and the different things you can do with it, it helps your team."

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