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Patriots lose 3rd straight

The Minnesota Vikings hand the Patriots their third straight loss in-a-row. The hero for the Vikings was the unlikely Moe Williams, who made his professional debut in this game.

Williams who played for the injured Robert Smith had an impressive start to his career as a Viking. On the opening kickoff he took the ball 74 yards down the field to set up a field goal by Eddie Murray.
On the Vikings next drive Cris Carter was thrown the ball and fumbled on the one yardline. The ball was recovered by a teammate and Williams went on to punch in the touchdown.
The Patriots lone score of the first half came about by Adam Vinateri's 23rd straight field goal, which was set up by a 76 yard pass from Drew Bledsoe to Shawn Jefferson.
Murray kicked two more field goals and put the Vikings up 23-12 lead with six minutes left in the game.
The Patriots responded with a 69-yard scoring drive but failed to hit the two point conversion.
The Patriots attempted an onside kick, but the ball went out of bounds and was awarded to the Vikings, crushing the Patriots' hopes and validating the score at 23-18

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